Monday, June 25, 2012


Hoo Boy, I could sure use a horse trough right now.  We used to have a couple of horse troughs.  We only sort of had horses, but that's another story.  Anyways, it was nice having horse troughs in the summer.

Since we only sort of had horses, we could use the horse troughs for other things.  We used them as "cold tubs", which are kind of like hot tubs in reverse.  Fill them up with water from the hose and then just sit in them.

It's unseasonably hot here.  Add to that the fact that the state is on fire, and I'm thinking of horse troughs.  I'm glad that it's at least crossing guard off-season.

I'm crabby too because yesterday I had a laundry accident.  Seriously, who does that?  Other than total klutzes?

Frugal domestic goddess that I am, I was "hanging the wash" outside.  Might as well make use of all of this dry heat, right?  I was hanging the wash while walking along a railroad tie that separates our weed lot backyard from our unsightly unkept grassland ornately landscaped hill.

wounded shoe

I was walking along when that &%^$#*! railroad tie grabbed my toe while the rest of my body was still travelling.  That little *%>##.

My cat-like reflexes didn't save me.  I'm so mad at that *$&^#+> railroad tie because of (a) what it did to my rib cage, (b) making me feel like a total klutz, and (c) what it did to the toe of my shoe.  &^$%(/!

%^#<*& Culprit

I don't normally cuss (*COUGH*), but come ON!

It's hot.  The state is on fire.  I had a laundry accident.  We have no horse trough.  I think these are signs of imbalance in my life.

The good news is, a remedy might be on the near horizon.

We may be getting a new cat.


agg79 said...

Oh, snap! Your poor shoe! It needs some shoe first aid stat! Duct tape?

Hope there is no serious injury (aside of pride). I was wondering how close the fires were getting to you guys. If the Academy is being threatened, how far away is it from your hacienda?

A new cat? Have you gotten China's approval?

terri said...

Sorry about your laundry accident. If it helps you feel better, I kicked open a screen door while wearing flip-flops. (My hands were full.) The door caught my little toe just right and I'm pretty sure I sprained it because the top lower half of my foot turned purple.

A horse trough sounds okay, but I think you just need to install an in-ground pool. Wouldn't that be nice?

A new cat! Now that you've publicly made mention of this, I doubt that you "may" be getting a new cat. I predict that you "will" be getting a new cat. It's a slippery slope once you open your heart and mind to the idea of a new pet.

Rock Chef said...

Not sure I know how a cat will make everything OK. Do they make good firefighters? Do they fix shoes? Does cuddling them cool you down? :-)

Over here it is colder and wetter than it should be - I will try to send you some rain to put out those fires. I have seen some of them on TV and they terrify me!

I love the idea of using a horse trough as a cool-tub. Who needs to spend thousands on fancy-schmancy stuff when a trough does just as good?

ShadowRun300 said...

Ugh! Are those your new shoes? And how's that ribcage? Broken/bruised ribs can be so painful - I know from experience. You've definitely earned the right to utter a few choice words...
I think a new cat is just what you need.

lotta joy said...

Those look like Asics shoes. I think I spelled that wrong, but I love mine. I got up mad. I warned Stud. He didn't believe me. Now he knows better.

This day has started out wrong. Just damn wrong. And you got injured while 'doing your duty' as a wife.....need I say more? If my statement doesn't piss you off MORE than you already are, a cat can't help you at this stage.

Abby said...

The fire is to the west of us about 10 miles. Our neighborhood is safe, but there are a lot of evacuations. It's a time we're glad we don't live in the boonies.

I think China's begging for a cat.

Abby said...

Ouch, sorry about your purple foot! Do pool boys come included with an in-ground?

Abby said...

I'm pretty sure that cats make horrible firefighters.

Abby said...

No worries, those aren't new shoes. But they're comfy and easy to slap on for back yard domesticity and now they feel all weird! And why am I not surprised that you're experienced in rib injury?

Abby said...

Yes, they are messed-up-toe Asics. Maybe I should have been barefoot and pregnant while doing my duties.

Guano said...

Man, looks like you *ut a helluva divot in that railroad tie!
Shoo Goo is da bomb, btw. Fixes more than just shoes, too. Ho*e the ribs heal u* -- ooch!

Guano said...

....BTW, NOT suggesting you fix your ribs with Shoo Goo!

ShadowRun300 said...

It was a "domesticity" injury. I was cleaning the bathtub and slipped.
Based on our experiences, I vote for a strike on housework. I've already started....