Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I woke up this morning, and it smelled like I'd slept with my head next to the campfire.  Oh, but wait, we aren't camping.

I snapped this picture from the community college as I was leaving tutoring last night.

Waldo Canyon fire
(AF Academy can be seen in the hills in the photo area above the Po-Po cruiser)

Then a little bit later, after I'd gotten home, Meego texted me from his friend's backyard.

"The fire is going down the mountain"

We went out to have a look, and it was a bit freaky to see flames in real time.  My neighbor shared this photo.

Fire fire go away

The good news is, firefighters have a predicted date of when they expect to have the fire out.  The bad news is, their prediction is for July 16.  That's a whole lotta burning still to be done.

So, it's a bit depressing around here.  Big fire taking out our pretty canyon(s) plus it's hot hot with no real rain in the forecast, and the air quality is on par with that of Beijing.

Naturally, I'm thinking "Let's Cook!"

Okay, remember that New Year's resolution about cooking more real food?  I've been doing pretty well with that BUT COULD BE BETTER.  After our road trip, I was looking forward to cooking more real food after all that continental breakfast and gas station cuisine.

The thought of turning on the oven or stove seems ridiculous.  Did I mention we don't have A/C?  Yes, it is certainly grill season, and while there has yet to be any official bans on grilling in our own yards, it's *ahem* "frowned upon" at the moment for obvious reasons.

I could use a little input here.  Last night, it was tuna salad on hard rolls with cheese.  Potato salad and watermelon accompanied nicely.  It was happily consumed, but the family is probably going to want to eat again sometime.

So, Good Lookin'(s), whachu got cookin;?

Update:  Chaco's been taking pics from our house.  If you're the praying kind or the rain dancing kind or the head hunter kind or whatever, we're not picky.  We'll take anything you've got to alleviate this b*tch of a fire.


D.Shawnte said...

Lol I've had that moment before, when I wake up out of bed and I think it smells like really well cooked bacon and eggs, only to look out and see a fire across the street :s.

Anita said...

I CAN NOT IMAGINE! As beautiful and varied as our country is, I may have lucked out to be born in Virginia where acts of nature are minimal.

Okay, so we've had a few hurricanes, an earthquake, some floods... hmmm...

Still, it seems less drama here.

July 16, huh? Hang in there. Blessings to you and the family and the rest of Colorado.

Oh, I love loaded veggie sandwiches on Pita or flatbread with cheese and hummus. But, there comes a time when I've GOT to have meat! Good luck.

terri said...

Scary fires! I hope they manage to put them out sooner than expected.

I'm not a big user of the stove. And in summer time, I make big use of the grill. But since that's not an option for you, I'm going to suggest my second favorite cooking appliance - the CROCK POT! Throw some meat in there in the a.m. Add a little liquid. Turn on low. Cook for 8 hours or so and voila! Dinner!

I have good luck with pork and beef roasts. Never cook them from frozen. They turn out best when they're fully defrosted first. Country style ribs and barbecue sauce are also a good option, though the sauce gets too runny for my liking.

p.s. I have NOT continued to do so well with my cooking resolution. I manage to cook a decent meal maybe once or twice a week.

lotta joy said...

Indiana = tornadoes and ice storms.
Florida = hurricanes, tornadoes, and crappy people.
Colorado.....right now? I'd be too scared to cook or go to sleep.

We're retired from the fire department and the biggest enemy is wind. How is that doing? I'm feeling anxious for you.

ShadowRun300 said...

Well since you asked ME, I have two words: Smoked Pork.
From the looks of your pics, you don't even need a smoker. :/
I sure hope Colorado doesn't burn down before we get to visit it. I'll be praying for rain for you all every day. Anything in the forecast??

Scott said...

I like grilled burgers best of all.

I actually prayed that Tropical Storm Debby would go to Texas, and up into New Mexico and Colorado--where rain is so desperately needed. And though I'm relieved it didn't come here, I'm angry that it's actually gone east, and is dumping rain where rain isn't needed. I don't know why the weather is so damned unfair, but I cannot help but be disappointed with God about it, really. Is is so much to ask of our omnipotent Creator to send rain where rain is needed, at least on occasion--to perform a desperately needed miracle?

Rock Chef said...

In recent years we have had a few what the local press calls "forest fires" near us. The way people talk about them you would think the whole town was in danger of being engulfed. In reality there is just an acre or two that got a bit scorched - not even enough fire to make a smoke cloud! People need to get a grip and realise what people like you are facing!

Foodwise - one thing that goes down will with my lot is a fill your own wraps session - cold meats, salad, cheese, sauces, etc. Maybe add some nachos and salsa. And a bottle of tequilla?

agg79 said...

I was curious to see how close it was getting to your place. The national news is good at stirring up panic to a new level. The make it sound like half of Colorado is burning up but it is good to hear your place is not in danger. Sort of like when we have a hurricane or flood down in Texas, I have people call me and ask if everything is OK (even if the event is 500 miles away). Keep an eye on the fires and be careful.

I liked your tuna salad, but SR300's smoked pork makes me hungry.