Saturday, December 10, 2011


Welcome to another episode of Illustration Friday on Saturday.  This week's prompt is "separated".  I kind of struggled to come up with something "nice" for this one.  I think the term often has negative connotations - splitting, breaking, ripping... pain, pain, pain...

But then I started thinking about time lapse footage of flowers growing and blooming and opening up.  What starts as a tiny seed or bulb eventually pops up and separates into all the pretty and individual flower parts.  Take the perennial tulip, for example. 

It starts as a not-so-pretty bulb, but then pops up out of the ground and makes (most) everybody happy as a beautiful harbinger of spring.

And speaking of time-lapse, I did a time-lapse video of this painting's unfolding.  I use Chaco's camera for these things, and he highly supports my doing so - in other words, he charges me rent...

You can support the local entrepreneur at this video [link].


  1. Wonderful to see the video of the process of this beautiful painting!

  2. Applause ensues.

    I am not sure which is more incredible. The finish picture or the video on how you did the shot. I was curious how long that actually took to craft that masterpiece? The video is fairly fast/short, but I feel it belies the actual effort you put into that sketch.

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth and agg79. It took about an hour and 45 mins.

  4. oh i just love tulips! yours are so tender and happy! nice take on the negative word! (i still haven't come up with mine)

  5. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Nice shine and no split ends!

    lol...couldn't resist. :)

    Seriously, I enjoyed the production; watching talent at work and the music, too. The finished product is beautiful.

  6. Ha, Anita! Thanks and yeah, nothing like amateur video = 3 mins of the back of my head.

  7. Love the way you put a positive spin on the topic. And I do love tulips. Yours are so pretty!

  8. Wow, what a great video! It was really neat to see your process. Lovely painting, too, and like the others I appreciate the positive look at this topic. As for harbingers of Spring, they can't come too soon for me!