Sunday, December 11, 2011

Silver Liningness

Happy silver lining Sunday.  It's an NFL day, which I really don't care about, but somehow we've managed to win Magnum's weekly office football pool a few times this season, including last week.  That's one way to keep the outcomes interesting.  And it doesn't require that I watch!

There was that tutor student incident the burned my a$$ a little.  I had a phone conversation with her and I haven't heard from her since - including any attempts-to-cheat text messages (seriously!).  It still bothers me, there is something fishy going on and I'll probably never know the whole story, but at least she knows where I stand.  To placate my own hurt feelings, I painted some flowers and now feel much better.  Some people have heroin, I have paints and brushes.

Meego had his first band concert this week.  I wanted to get a photo, particularly because Meego refuses to wear anything other than cargo pants/shorts (no denim!) and t-shirts unless he has to.  I managed to snag a photo:

Blonde kid on the left:  "Dude, your mom's in the drums!"
Meego:  "Mom!  What the...?"

Okay, yeah, I had to infiltrate the percussion section, but I got the shot!  Well, sort of... he's wearing a button-down shirt and tie with a pretty baritone accessory.

And the music was quite good (really, it's not about the clothes).  Our own Meego is first chair baritone!  Clairification:  there are no chair challenges in 6th grade band, they are seated alphabetically.  But we'll take what we can get!

I'm pretty trained up at my volunteer crimefighter post.  Omigosh, the information at my fingertips!  Sadly, I'm not supposed to go digging up dirt on my neighbors/kids' teachers/ reckless minivan drivers/ etc.  But there's nothing like getting to know the seedy underbelly of the city I live in.


Judy said...

I have decided after this past week that I truly heart beginner band. It rocks!

And a TIE???? Man, we have band polos. That was a stretch to get Travis to wear that - I can't even fathom what getting him to wear a tie might have been like!

Anita said...

What a cute and loveable face! Meego's, that is - not blond kid on the left; although he ain't bad either.

terri said...

Glad you confronted the cheater and set her straight. She needs to know she can't get through life that way.

Meego looks so happy and excited! Cute!

Linda Hensley said...

Thanks for your rant about the cheater. I'm seeing a flaw in the whole on-line homeschooling thing that didn't occur to me before. Love the tulips!