Friday, October 7, 2011


Omigosh, it's already Illustration Friday?  Where did the week go?  No, really, where?!?

OH well, this week's prompt is "contraption", so I tried to think of some interesting machinery type thing, but nothing really spoke to me.  Then I stubbed my toe on Meego's baritone case.

Yes, Meego is playing the brass baritone in band this year.  It sits in a rather largish case just off - but apparently not off enough - of the traffic pattern of the house.  I figured the stubbing of the toe was a sign to draw the intricacies of the contraption that is a baritone.

But I rebelled since it attacked my toe, and instead drew MY instrument from the high school daze.  The beautiful and lovely french horn.  Yes, that's all quite redundant.  As I recall, I didn't quite do it justice, but I tried to make mine sound as mellow and lovely as the one sitting in the first chair.  I tried.


terri said...

The French Horn - a contraption? Why not? My grandma called my brother's guitar "his machine." So yes. A French Horn certainly qualifies as a contraption.

Lovely illustration too!

agg79 said...

I was always intrigued by the twists and turns and valves of a French horn. Never could master one, tho (I was a percussion man). My son had a soprano saxophone was another intricate contraption with more valves and buttons than my 68 Mustang.

Linda Hensley said...

French horns are definitely pretty instruments. I like how you're holding it so gently. You must've liked it. I hope you still play.

Melissa Mackie said...

Well drawn Abby.It looks like a fun instrument to draw. Love the detail.

Anita said...

I like the way you made the french horn the star, then added the figure and the pink as the backup players.