Sunday, October 2, 2011

Silver Liningness

Happy first Sunday of October!  I like October...

This was another good week with plenty of silver liningness.  Firstly, let me just update on bicycle boy:  he's fine.  He showed up back at the crosswalk (and school) none the worse for wear.  He was a little wary of riding the bike, but in a couple of days, he was right back up on that "horse".  Told me, "I got bored with walking".

Also this week, I checked into some volunteer opportunities with the PO-lice.  A friend - another graduate of elementary PTO - enticed me into it.  They want me to do "crime tip analysis" for about 5 hours a week.  That's all I can say about that.  All very hush hush!  I checked out the nerve center on Thursday - looks fun and interesting!

My neice and her husband are adopting a 19-month old.  I'm a great aunt!

Paternal in-laws visited.  They brought good beer.

And students, I'm getting students.  Did I mention I'm tutoring again?  Anyway, I guess my online profile is working - lots of inquiries and a couple of high schoolers on the books.

All this is not to say that I haven't been indulging my right brain.  The artwork therapy is still in full swing with the added dimension of creating the occassional video.  Here's the latest:

Yay for cheap therapy!


terri said...

Analyzing crime tips? Sounds like really interesting volunteer activity! Sounds like things are going well all around in your life. Maybe being aware of silver liningness promotes that...

agg79 said...

Analyzing crime tips? Is this some sort of job you got from your motocycle cop friend?

It is good cheap therapy to indulge yoru creative side occasionally.

And please define "good beer".

Vilt og vakkert said...


Put on your walking shoes, bring with your camera or paper and pen and document what you see on October 9 and link to my blog!
More information:

Join us ;:OD)

Wonderful paintings !

brandy101 said...

Glad that bike boy is better, and that you have all these gigs going - including the po-po!

Anita said...

You're ready for an art show. Or have you already done one?