Friday, August 19, 2011


Poof!  It's Illustration Friday once again.  This week's prompt is "Influence" and I'll admit that, rather than see the prompt and decide what to create, I saw the prompt and dug something out that I did a couple of week's ago. 

One of the nice (?) things about this art hobby is that it never gets old.  There is ALWAYS something to influece the next drawing/sketch/doodle/painting/etc...  ALWAYS.  Thinking about it, I could choose anything from the art clutter to submit for "influence".

This particular painting was inspired by blog friend Terri.  I don't even remember how long she and I have been blog buddies, but I know I always look forward to reading her updates. 

And AND, she happens to be an exceptional photographer, and often peppers her posts with lovely photos taken while doing seemingly mundane things.   I've often thought of doing "something" artsy with one of them, and, a couple of week's ago, Terri's Influence just pushed me over the edge. 

The word "influence" often has negative connotations attached to it, but I think life would be boring without it.


agg79 said...

Very nice. A lot of things can influence our actions, some good, some bad, but I agree that Terri's photo can be inspirational.

Scott said...

It's beautiful!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Such a summery piece! Nice --and I notice there are no bears in it ;) SO pretty!

terri said...

You rock! I love that you used one of my photos as the basis for one of your creations. Thank you, thank you!

And this one was just a cell phone pic! :-)

Linda Hensley said...

This is a nice style for you. I love the colors and mood to it. Completely agree with you about the fact that we're influenced all the time. Keeps life interesting!