Sunday, August 21, 2011

just a flesh wound

Friday night, I was at Urgent Care with Chaco.  It was absolutely terrible.

Gored by a bull?!?  Through the MOUTH!!?  I purposely just loaded a smallish copy of this photo, much larger is nearly too much to bare (click on it at your own risk, and it will get larger.  And if you're really brave/psycho, there's video).

There I was, just minding my own business in the waiting area.  Oh, Chaco was fine by the way.  He just crashed his bicycle on Thursday and was still whining about an achy swollen finger on Friday, so we made the trip.  Not broken, just a bad sprain.

But it was there that I came across this bullfighter photo.  I mean, come on!  Is that the kind of thing to have in the x-ray waiting area?!?   It was on the cover of a sports magazine - an issue highlighting the dangerous side of sports.

I feverishly flipped through the pages to get more of the story.  I learned that this bullfighter actually lived to bullfight another day.  I'm glad he lived, but I wish he would've gone into another line of work.  His poor mother!

Anyway, after some pondering, I thought, maybe it's not such a bad thing to have in the Urgent Care waiting area.  Whatever you're there for, it's most likely not that bad.


terri said...

I can't say you didn't warn me. I clicked on the photo. GROSS! I'm gonna have nightmares. I'm glad I didn't watch the video. Oh yeah... and I'm glad Chaco is okay.

agg79 said...

Ok, that was seriously f'd up. Glad that Chaco wasn't as badly hurt as the bullfighter. That is one experience a mother (or father) shouldn't have to witness.

Guano said...

Bullfighter got the point.tiess

Scott said...

Good God--it's amazing that bullfighter survived!

I wouldn't be interested in bullfighting, but if was younger and had the guts, I'd be interesting in bull riding. That's probably even more dangerous than bullfighting though.
They now call rodeo clowns "bullfighters", so it gets a little confusing but the rodeo "bullfighters" may have the most dangerous job of all.

Scott said...

I just watched the video--the photos are far more graphic though. It's amazing that the bull didn't literally tear his jaw off. But I can see from the photos and video why he survived, the horn went through soft tissue, and didn't affect any of the matador's organs--particularly the brain. He was really lucky though--if it would have been an inch off in any direction...

brandy101 said...

omg that is so disturbing. *bleh!*