Monday, May 30, 2011

race relations

Greetings on this Memorial Day weekend. I was drawing another one of them houses, and I found myself particularly drawn to the American flag a-waving. It just seemed an appropriate thing to be doing this weekend.

Then there was the Indy 500. Do you follow auto racing? I sure as heck don't, but people I live with, particularly one whose name rhymes with "Queego", seem to live for all things auto racing.

So the Indy 500 was on yesterday. I didn't watch, but I heard all about the ending:

Magnum: The guy in the lead hit the wall just before the finish and another guy passed him to win.
Me: Aw, that's sad.

Magnum: Yep, and he's a rookie too.
Me: Aw, that's really sad. I feel sorry for his mom.

Magnum: Well, he managed to finish second.
Me: But.... second is really just first place last *sniff*

Magnum: He was driving the National Guard car too... on Memorial Day weekend.
Me: OH STOP, this story just keeps getting SADDER!

Wolfgang: Yeah, and the car YOU liked came in first.
Me: SH*T, it's all my fault!!!

See?! Auto racing? I should just stay away.


Judy said...

BWahahahaha!!! Shame on you for skewing the race like that! HAHAHA

Sadly, I had no clue it was even going on until someone put it on Facebook. @@

terri said...

I live with a couple of racing enthusiasts too. If it wasn't on the t.v., we were listening to it in the car while running our errands. Nothing more boring than LISTENING to a car race! I did see the replay of that spectacular finish, both the Indy and Nascar races had a shocking finish yesterday.

Scott said...

That's clever!

NASCAR's a really big deal here in Pensacola (I'm embarrassed to say)!

In fairness, though, I've never been to an auto race. I have been to a rodeo here though, and that would certainly beat an auto race, any day!

agg79 said...

I love the house sketches. Another one with the flag posted.

Nice race. Great finish. Too bad you had to jinx it...

brandy101 said...

I'm not a racing fan, either, but, one funny thing that struck me in your commentary: that you mentioned the racer's MOM. I do that when I'm watching football (esp. college ball) and either a guy makes a great play (Oh, his mom must be so proud!) or gets hurt (Oh, I bet his mom is frantic!)