Thursday, May 26, 2011


You can feel it in the air. It's just about here. Summer vacation!

Tomorrow is the last day of school around here. The kids are getting rowdy, which can be challenging to a friendly neighborhood crossing guard. Just look at this here blatant rule breaker:

Clearly, he's in violation of the you-must-walk-the-scooter-in-the-crosswalk code. He's still about 6 hours away from being a 5th grader and already he's pulling stuff.

Oh well, the other half of my job at the school finished up on Tuesday, so half of me is already enjoying summer break. Today, I indulged by going to the bicycle shop, under the clever guise of taking Meego's bike in for a tune-up.

While there, I drooled a bit over the many treasures - already dreaming a little of my third bicycle, which will most likely remain a dream for practical reasons. Now, we all know here how I like to name my bicycles based on foreign words. There's beautiful "Bella" and speedy "Tessa". While at the bike shop, I saw a poster that read: "Allez means Go!", (that's french) so I thought my next bicycle could be named "Allez". Well, it's kind of a pretty name, but too prone to having a "Bian" added to the end, and I shouldn't do that... not that there's anything wrong with Allez Bian.

In the afternoon, it was back to the school zone. Here we have the emo-wannabe. See the girl in blue? Clearly outside the crossing zone? She does that every day. She's also texting while walking. Every. Day.

Also at school today was Meego's 5th grade "continuation" thing. It's quite bittersweet really, and I don't much care for these things because I think (1) they're a bit silly, and (2) I don't like good-byes and would rather just let the year quietly end.

But, Magnum and I were in dutiful attendance, which helps explain these crossing guard pics. Magnum was off work for the afternoon and felt we needed a photographic record of my rookie season I suppose.

If nothing else, it made the drivers quite paranoid.


agg79 said...

Ooooh. I love the stylish safety vest. Christian Dior? Nothing like those 100 year old lady crossing guards from my younger days.

Sad to see the year end even if the kids are all jazzed up for summer vacation. Congrats on making it through the rookie year.

Judy said...

You look GREAT in orange! Super duper!

Scott said...

These pictures are great--especially the last one! Just looking at you, I can see why the kids like you! You just fit the part! You seem like an authority figure who can be trusted to go "above and beyond" to protect your children, while maintaining a congenial, likeable attitude. And this is rare! If you were on a beach, in a lifeguard swimsuit, I think most people would trust, yet like you more than any of the other lifeguards!

Guano said...

There is a fetching French pop singer named Alizee. Like Cher & Madonna, I don't know if she has a last name -- but hope it's not Bien!

terri said...

It looks like you really enjoy your duties as a crossing guard. I can see why one is needed at that intersection. It looks like quite an expanse of asphalt!

You need to work on your intimidation factor though. Can't have these kids scootering when they should be walking and straying from the crosswalk! Sheesh!

Duble said...

they really should let you pack heat!!!