Friday, July 16, 2010


Happy Illustration Friday. Is it HOT or WHAT??

In light of the heatness, I decided to go to cooler climes for this week's prompt, which is "breakfast".

As a mom, and sole female of the household, I see it as my job to take care of the physical aspects of feeding the fam. And I admit, I don't always attack the chore with gusto. In fact, I have yet to figure out what we'll be feeding on tonight.

SO, I really admire the women of more primitive times/cultures, like the Inuit woman depicted here, who had to really work to provide some good eats. In our house, we usually have "jump up" breakfast...

... as in "jump up and get your own".


Anita said...

Very nice artwork!

Ps. We're having "jump up" for dinner this evening.

terri said...

I am going to stop complaining now about the difficulties in getting decent meals on the table. I have it so easy compared to her.

Great illustration!

JNESS said...

Yummy, Southern (South Pole) fried fish and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I love your approach and technique, great display of skill and comprehension of this weeks' challenge! I can't wait to start my submission.

agg79 said...

Jump up breakfast. I like that expression. Long ago, mom used to be up at the crack of early fixing eggs. bacon, biscuits, coffee, oj, etc. Today, around here you'll only get that at Denny's.

Good artwork!