Sunday, July 18, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

POOF! Another week in the books.

It was a busy one around here. Meego started swim lessons this week. Off to the pool every day. He loves the pool, but he's not quite as self-sufficient as we'd like, so he's getting a good education, AND he gets to swim.

As priorly mentioned, Chaco and the Subaru bonded over two days of intense crash practice crisis avoidance training. He did really well. Friday afternoon was the "recital" where we all got in the car, and he took us through the course. Squealed the tires a few times. Meego asked, "what was that?". "Chaco's squealing the tires". "Oh, I thought it was someone screaming from one of the other cars".

And FYI - since Agg79 asked - the Subaru is manual transmission. I will add that it was one of only 2 "sticks" in the class, and the other one was driven by an 18-year-old that already has his license and just wanted to complete the crash course. Chaco pwned 'em!

Oh, and the Subaru survived! (Actually, I think she had a blast too).

Wolfgang, not to be outdone, has been running regularly with a group for a few weeks now. He wants to stay in shape over the summer to be ready for Cross Country. He talked me into going to a specialty running store last weekend for new running shoes. They do this whole gait analysis thing, and the "our school's team gets a 20% discount" didn't hurt either!

At work, I got a couple of new assignments that round out the schedule just right until the kids go back to school. And both are online assignments - no comutee!

As for play, I've got another mural w.i.p. to cover up the wall smudges. The weather's been hot during the day, but if one gets up early enough, the mornings are pure beauty! I get up early enough.


agg79 said...

Give Meego time. I'm sure he'll be swiming like a fish after enough lessons. As long as he keeps moving in the water, he is getting more confidence/exercise.

My condolences to the Subaru. I hope she survives the experience. BTW - automatic or manual transmission?

I might have to try that gait analysis. Mine is more of a lope rather than serious run. Could do with a new set of shoes.

brandy101 said...

congrats to Chaco - *I* still can't drive a stick shift very well at my ripe old age :(

I need to get a gait analysis too, per my Podiatrist, but I really don't care for running shoes much and that is all the store that offers this service sells so...

terri said...

Good for Chaco for mastering Crisis Avoidance Training in a manual transmission! I don't know too many people who drive a stick.

I'm sure Meego is loving swimming lessons at this time of year. What perfect timing!

I've heard of the gait analysis, but have not had it done. I guess until I consider myself a successful runner, I'll continue to avoid the specialty running stores.

Can't wait to see the new mural!

Judy said...

LOOOOOOVE a stick shift! Best kind of driving ever!

Happy birthday to Wolfgang!