Thursday, July 15, 2010

crash course

I can sort of remember driver's ed. It was part of the high school curriculum, and one or two days a week, we would do driver's ed instead of P.E. Two other girls and I drove around in this big old station wagon with our teacher for about an hour or so. At the end of the semester, we were deemed competent enough.

Well, times have changed. There's no driver's ed at the high school. Plus, we don't live in a little podunk town with 3 traffic lights like I grew up in.

We dropped Chaco off at Master Drive this morning. He's been doing well with his chauffeur duties, but now it's time to let the professionals take over. He's doing what I call "The Crash Course" all day today and tomorrow. There's a slalom course! Hydroplaning! Skid Pad!:

So I'm here wondering how my baby's doing. No, not Chaco. He's probably having a blast. I'm just worried about our poor Subaru! She'll probably need a new transmission when this is done.


  1. DId you send the poor kid to driver's ed with a standard?

    If so you are likely right about the transmission, and well, sending him with a standard is just mean!

  2. Now that is the kind of training kids really need in driver's ed. I know my kids didn't get anything like that. Although, Kacey took her first behind-the-wheel session in the midst of last winter's first big snow storm. She blew a red light... afraid she wouldn't be able to stop if she tried. The instructor said, "That's okay. You'll get the next one."

  3. Lol! I love it.

    I hope he does well and your car survives. :P

  4. Where was this training when I was young and good looking? I would have loved to have that training course. We only had mom's car to do doughnuts in the high school parking lot or make "bat turns" in. I'm sure Chaco is having a blast. I only hope the Subaru is surviving. Good luck and lots of prayers for the wheels...

  5. Yep, mine was in the school parking lot, too - driving around the cones, I think. I can barely remember.

    Chaco certainly won't forget his training!

  6. hang in there, Abby! Only a few more years till he REALLY gets the hang of it.

  7. Brianna starts this training soon. So not ready for this.

  8. I remember driver's ed. And I remember the year when I turned 16 and wrecked my mom's car three times before my 17th birthday...

    Just FYI, hahahaha.