Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silverliningness Sunday

Happy silverliningness Sunday! I'm later than usual with my thankfulness-of -the-week posting mainly because...

It's been a beautiful spring day today. All day. We've been out playing, and not squandering it by sitting in front of the old computer!

That said, spring break week seems to have flown by. It was marked by snowstorms and sloth, and all in all, a pretty nice break.

I did have to work a couple of days, and I'm enjoying this online class of High Schoolers. We have two teachers for our online classes, and the teacher I'm cohorting with on this one is a fun personality. Totally effeminate, but in a can't-help-but-like-him kind of way. You girls know what I'm talking about.

And, as mentioned in the previous post, my box of Run With Lumber participation prizes are in. Run With Lumber is a month away, and I'm hoping for good weather. Memo to Mother Nature: another day like today would be nice.

Also this week, I had the finishing touches put on my tattoo. What? It wasn't finished already? No. That was just my initiation/virgin tattoo. The flower has grown. I was envisioning "pretty", and I think my artist captured that, but he also managed to incorporate a bit of an "untamedness" theme that I like. WHAT MY MOM AND DAD DON'T YET KNOW WON'T HURT THEM.

In movie news, we watched "Evolution". I'd never heard of it, but there it was in my recommendations. It was a fun family movie - well, our family liked it anyway...

Back to normal abnormalness tomorrow. I suppose that's good too.


  1. You went from blizzard weather to walking outside in t-shirts? Talk about unpredictable weather!

    I think we need an updated photo of the tattoo now...

  2. how is the flower art on the man-cave wall shaping up?

  3. Great weather. Glad it turned out nice for a hike.

    When can we see the new & improved tat?

  4. Did you go in to get sleaved?

  5. Wow, your area is so beautiful! I can't wait until mid-year when I visit - my friend is under direct orders to drag me to as many national parks as possible.

    Colorado is not on the visiting list this time around, but thankfully I've already had the pleasure... It's a gorgeous state.