Friday, April 2, 2010


Oh, poor poor neglected blog....

Whew, it's been a busy week. All good, I will say, but it leads to things getting back-burnered. BUT thank goodness for Illustration Friday to keep me straight with my art play commitment! This week's topic is "dip".

Several things come to mind with the word "dip". Skinny dipping (this is a family blog so...), chips and dip (yummy, but not a particularly appealing sketch subject), roller coasters and other thrill rides (severe acrophobe here), etc.

I decided to keep with the spring theme since we had some lovely weather this week. Of course, the season that follows winter is construction season. Much dipping to do. As a mom of a boy, and then another boy, and then another boy, I learned that knowledge of construction equipment is a MUST.

This sketch is of a lovable excavator. Manly, yes, but I appreciate this particular one for its petiteness. Watercolor and ink in the pocket Moleskine.

Happy spring.


ArtSnark said...

original spin on prompt - fun too

Wendy said...

Nice! :)
Happy Easter

agg79 said...

Ooooh. Construction equipment.
Cool. What's next? Race cars?

Happy Easter!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Awww, excavators were my little brother's all time favourite thing when he was a wee thing. Hence I too got educated about them quite early!

terri said...

I also learned about excavators, thanks to my two boys. I used to refer to all construction equipment as bulldozers. The boys set me straight and taught me the proper terminology.

Yours is a great depiction of the excavator!

Debbie Clandening said...

I love your excavator. Thanks for your kind comments.Have a happy easter