Saturday, March 27, 2010


Spring break is coming to a close. Another winter snowstorm came blowing in. Nice.

It was a mostly uneventful spring break, really, and so I'm feeling a little restless. I think I should take some lessons from Judy in planning and organizing a memorable spring break. But it wasn't without productivity. Got some work work done as well as some spring cleaning type stuff done around the house.

And I've also made a dent Run With Lumber preparations.

One action item on the list is procurring pesky participation prizes (aliteration!). This is no easy task. The prizes need to be (a) fun (b) cheap (c) not TOO special since each kid gets one just for showing up that day (d) cheap (e) non-gender specific (f) cheap (g) specific to "Run With Lumber" (h) cheap (i) different from prizes given within the last 6 years... and did I mention cheap?

A few weeks ago, I went on the hunt for just the elusive thing. I think I found appropriate junk prizes - from a local supplier no less. This week, a big box of them arrived.

Rather than describe them, I provide the following 20-second visual:

Ooh, we are partying now.



agg79 said...

Wicked cool. I can see a hole herd of people with those flashing heading down the road.

Pretty snazzy. I like your runway modeling style. Perhaps you can wear it to keep the coyotes at bay.

Judy said...

Girl, I think you need some smaller-sized jeans! Those pants are falling off of you!

Love the blinkies, though. Way cool. And, as a parent, I'd be bucking for cheap, short-lived batteries in those suckers...

brandy101 said...

You go girl! I like the dance jamz on in the background! LOL!!!!!!

That is a very cool prize - the kids are gonna love them. And v. cool that they are from a local store!

Anita said...

You wear it well. Make sure you do that demo for the kids. :)

terri said...

Very cool! The kids are going to LOVE it! I think you should wear one on those dark early morning runs!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

That is all.