Tuesday, February 9, 2010

design of experiments

Okay, so I left out that box of tea last week? Remember? It's gone!

I'm not sure who moved it or precisely when. Heck, I'm not even sure if it went to its proper destination! I suppose I should've checked to see how many boxes were already in the proper destination, huh? I'll just assume that the top-of-the-stairs box of tea is now one of the tea stash boxes.

Anyway, I went to teach my class last Wednesday night. Sometime between my leaving and the time that I walked by the experiment site the next day, it had moved. I have my suspicions that a resident or two of this household may have actually read the blog entry where I laid out my experiment, thus cancelling out the accurateness of the results, but hey, whatever works.

In other slob news, Chaco and Wolfgang need new beds. They've been sharing the same bunkbed for years. I think Chaco's feet actually hang off the end. Anyways, we told them that they need to get the room "bed ready" and then we'll get each of them new bed sets.

Some headway has been made, but they could do OH! so much more. A new experiment?

To attain a state of habitability for the boys' bedroom

Entice with the promise of new beds and wait patiently for metamorphosis.

Slight changes detected. Very slight. Too slight.

Not holding my breath.

As seen from the entrance since
I'm kinda afraid to go in there.

Note: There's an actual cat in the photo. I challenge you to find him.


Anonymous said...

Cat must be on the bottom bed. Not because I see it, but because it is where a cat would be...too lazy to go up top.

terri said...

If the cat is anything like mine, it is sleeping on the pillow, sandwiched between it and the blankets.

My boys used to have the same bunk bed. They eventually got separate rooms, but the slob factor remained in tact. Sunday I did ALL of the laundry. Realized in all that clean laundry, Jake had one shirt and one pair of jeans. When asked if he was simply not changing his clothes or whether his room was littered with dirty clothes, he disappeared into his room and then resurfaced with a basket full of dirty clothes. At which point he was told he could do his OWN laundry.

agg79 said...

I would guess that the cat is under the lower bed, but, given the condition of the room, you coulda had 3 or 4 cats hidden in there.

I felt that the experiment would solve itself. Now you just have to wait & see when the empty cans show up. Now if you give them new beds, won't they just create a bigger mess?

That's why they make extra large bedspreads....

brandy101 said...

I have no idea where the cat is...but I can point to the piles of kid stuff all over! Goo luck with the re-decorating.