Sunday, February 7, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Greetings on this cloudy sunday! Well, it's cloudy here anyways. The clouds look like they want to snow. They are probably waiting for me to go outside to run, so I'd better get out there so as to not disappoint.

But first, let's count the ways, shall we!?

That LSAT class finished up. They were a fun bunch. Lots of good chemistry between the whole group - not just Rich Girl and Bartender. It's always a nice feeling to finish a class and have the students feeling confident, but when we all make new friends, that's even nicer. And now I have a place to get a free beer whenever! Well, as long as Bartender is working at the time...

On a related note, I also got a new tutor student. Here I thought I was going to taper off the tutoring and just do classes, but these tutor students come up that I just don't want to say, "no" to. This boy is a high schooler with mild cerebral palsy and just needs a little bit of one-on-one time. He's an absolute delight, and it's for kids like him that I would (almost) work for free.

Magnum and I watched a good movie yesterday. "Fracture" was one I'd had in the Netflix queue for one of those when-nothing-else-looks-good times. But as it turned out, we thought it was really good! First of all, I could probably be content to watch Ryan Gosling just walk around for a couple of hours, I mean really. But this was a clever crime/courtroom drama thing, and one usually can't go wrong with Anthony Hopkins playing the psycho genius type. And then there's that Ryan Gosling factor again...

And Magnum, Mr. Practicality, is investing in precious metals in response to the current economic situation. I've agreed that this is a good idea, and convinced him that we should purchase in the form of jewelry. Strike while the iron's hot, Ladies!!

Silver Liningness Honorable Mentions go to: comfy shoes, warm blankets, fast bicycles, great friends, paychecks, and cute kids (not necessarily my own).

Still playing with my art toys.

<-- cartoon me?


brandy101 said...

sounds like a great week!

Judy said...

I'm loving your artwork! HA!

Oooh, jewelry...whatcha gettin'?

agg79 said...

Good end to a great week. I hope you get the right kind of metal you desire.

Very nice self portrait.

Wendy said...

Those kids are lucky to have you tutoring them :)
Love the cartoon you.

Duble said...

I have decided that you are good at everything. Art, partening, running, engineering. You should write some posts about stuff you're not good at. Wait scratch that, i like your posts, and don't want you to stop post for lack of material.