Wednesday, February 3, 2010

tea time

Not far from where I'm sitting is a 12-can pack of Brisk iced tea. It's stationed at the top of the stairs leading into the Mancave.

This box of tea has been there since mid-morning yesterday when I plopped it there after my return from a grocery run. It originally had two companion tea boxes that I have since obediently stashed in their proper waiting stations. My original intent was to return for the third box and obediently stash it also, but then I thought I'd try a little experiment instead.

To determine the number of times and subsequent length of time that my family members will walk past the box of tea, in the direction of the stash location, before someone, ANYONE, stashes it away in its proper waiting station.

Leave the tea at the top of the stairs.

Results (so far):
I know there have been several encounters with the tea box from various other residents as they headed toward the stash. If I start recording my data from this morning, however, I have at least 5 encounters, so I'll start with that.

Okay, Magnum works full-time and clearly makes the lion's share of our financial bottom line. He also helps clean up after meals and does fine with that as long as I don't watch.

Kids are in school for about 7 hours a day. I consider it my job, and have for quite some time, to take care of the meat of the household well-oiled-machineness. I mainly just ask that people take care of their own "stuff" and clean up after their own selves. These basics sound good in theory, but rarely are handled smoothly.

Maybe I'm making life too easy.

I recall reading about a family that called a meeting because the mom was overwhelmed with doing "everything" around the house. A divying up of various responsibilities ensued. Certain jobs were categorized as "specialties" that could only be handled by specific members, for example: "breast feed the baby".

So today, I will go about my daily housewifery and also grade some essays and prepare some lessons.

But I'm not touching the tea. I don't even drink it.


Duble said...

This experiment is various forms has been tried by lots of women folks. I am guessing it will stay there untill you move it, or until it is consumed.

Had you left it in the middle of the floor someone might have pushed to the side and maybe put it away, but since it is out of the way, no sense moving it.

Weeble's Wobble said...

I tried that experiment once with the roll of toilet paper. After 3 days I finally took it off the back of the toilet and put it on the roll.

agg79 said...

I see several possible outcomes:

1) Someone will recognize the material is in the wrong place and move it to its proper storage location

2) Someone will open said case and consume the drinks without moving it from its current location

3) Someone will open the refrigerator and ask "we don't have any tea"

4) Elves will come in during the night and carefully place the tea in the refrigerator for all to use

I think that outcome 4 has a higher probability of success.

Judy said...

What? Crap like this in your house doesn't sprout legs and take care of itself either? My kids are the perpetual "we'll do it later" gang. Drives me nuts.

brandy101 said...

omg, my family is the same way! I have decided to stop yelling and just put stuff away when no one is looking - largely to save face, if that makes any sense?

terri said...

I have often thought about divvying up some of the household chores and make others do them on a regular basis. In the end, the "it's just easier to do it myself" policy always wins out.

Anita said...

I was laughing before I even got to paragraph number 3 because I knew where you were heading. :)

What do they say: a two edged sword? You get tired of picking up after everyone or you get tired of micro-managing everyone.


Duble said...

I keep checking back to see if the offending t has been moved.