Friday, January 8, 2010

okay, so yeah

I got a tattoo.

Didn't talk much about it. Just decided to do it already. Did my reasearch and found a great studio. Tattoo artist Don designed it and inked it. Want one? Go see Don. Tell him I sent you.

<--it gets bigger if you click.

Magnum likes it.

Kids like it. I think.... in an Uhm,-yeah-okay,-our-mom-has-a-tattoo kind of way....

It's actually on my right arm. Looks like the left arm here because it's one of those cheesy in-the-mirror shots.

Okay, so yeah...


  1. Sweet! I got a tattoo a year and a half ago. It's also a daisy. :-) Actually it's several daisies. My hubby thinks it's gorgeous and my kiddos like it fact they've all planned out tatts that they want when they get older. LOL

  2. haha, I didn't know you two "know" each other. :D

  3. looks awesome, Abby! I always kinda wanted to get one, but never really knew WHAT to get.

  4. I LOVE it! It's great! And so are your arms, holy crap! Puts my spaghetti noodles to shame.

  5. Left a comment on your other blog, but will add here: Keep us informed on all the reactions you'll be getting! :)

  6. Guns & Daisies.
    Reminds me of that heavy metal band....

  7. Awesome tat!
    And with those guns, you've got that "don't mess with me" thing down pat.

  8. That is quite a "gun" there...that is pretty cool...but I am staying ink free unless a pen leaks in my pocket.

  9. I want one on my foot. Dirty Larry is against it, but he wouldn't say not to it if I really made up my mind. My problem is figuring out what I want since it will surely be with me for life. Maybe one day I'll get brave. Until then... NIiiiiiiiiiice!!

  10. Had to pause for a moment to tell you this. My girls and I were talking about Lady GaGa (?) and the subject of tattoos came up. "No you can't have a tattoo," I said. "It's there for life!"
    My nine year old comedic daughter strikes a tough-girl pose and says, "Yeah, when I'm seventy-five years old, I'm gonna say - Don't mess with me, I gotta tattoo and a cane!"
    I'll check back with you in thirty years. :)