Thursday, January 7, 2010

better than reality TV

As mentioned, I kicked off a fresh class at the start of the year. More lawyer hopefuls.

I enjoy the classroom as opposed to those online courses we also teach. Don't get me wrong, it's nice not to have to commute anywhere and be a total slob below the waist if I so choose, but the personal element is a bit missing in an online course.

Sure, the teacher is there live onscreen and all, but the students... the students are just names and little comments in a chat box. In the classroom, the interaction feels more real, more intimate. Out of the classroom...?

I think I can say that, in every class I've taught since starting these post-undergraduate courses, there has been at least one pairing of students. No, they don't come to class hanging all over each other or leave in a mad rush to satisfy some carnal urge. It's just the subtle budding of relationships that doesn't go unnoticed. Not by me anyway.

I remember the volleyball player and the soldier. My opinion was that it would be a summer-lover fling, then they would both go their separate ways.

Next came the down-on-his-luck-glass-half-empty-guy who always perked up whenever he was around the always-friendly-and-likes-to-shop-too-much girl. I was thankful for her, otherwise he could be such an Eeyore.

Then we had the working girl and the quiet man. Didn't see a whole lot of promise with that one. She was too career oriented. He too private. But who knows?

Now I've got a new batch, just begun. We're still all getting to know each other...

But the rich girl and the bartender - I sensed something start to take root last night.... I can't wait to see where this one goes.


Weeble's Wobble said...

Haha, I love the romantic in you watching the pairing up. I'm like that too and I can see it happening before they even know it hehe.

Anita said...

That's a good way to make your teaching experience more interesting and fun.
By the end of the term, you'll know how good your sixth sense is...or seventh sense, or eighth...

Judy said...

Our very dearest guy-friend in college was a well-off guy who played guitar at a local bar from time to time. He noticed a certain bartender who worked a BUNCH up there. They hit it married and their three boys are our Godchildren. The only difference is that her family is LOADED, we found out later. She was just bartending to kill time and have interesting people to talk to. Half of the time, she didn't even clock in!

Duble said...

so the bartender and the volleyball player don't score as well as the ex soilder, and the quit man sat next to the red head and the down on his luck guy didn't do his homework, who wore the tube socks?

MAn I hate the LSAT

agg79 said...

Stranger things have started in the classroom. We'll see if it lasts through finals.

brandy101 said...

Ooooh, cant wait to hear more! You are like the People magazine of LSAT classes! ;)