Saturday, May 16, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXXIX

Remember that movie? "Weekend at Bernies"? Neither do I.

But it is the weekend, so time for another episode of SLS.

For one thing, I'm busy. It's good to be busy I suppose. Kicked off a fresh class this morning. It's a relatively larger group than usual, but the pay's the same. They all seem like nice future lawyers, so far. Stay tuned.

The weird neighbors have a "For Rent" sign in front of their house. Now, these are the neighbors whose kid lit the house on fire a few weeks ago. The neighbors for whom it was not a big surprise that their kid lit the house on fire. Anyway, I've always felt a little wary of them, particularly said pyrotechnic kid. Living next door to a rental property does have its adventures, so I'm not sure that their moving will be a good thing or a not so good thing. Stay tuned.

I committed myself to another year as PTO treasurer at the elementary school. I was kind of set on hanging up my spreadsheets after this year. The president was having similar thoughts, and I told her I would only stay on if she stayed on (actually hoping she wouldn't). She decided to stay on. I'm not sure if my staying is a good thing or a not so good thing, but it's nice to feel wanted. Stay tuned.

<---I sold this lovely child-sized Kelty sleeping bag on craigslist to a friendly stay-at-home mom this week. Craigslist comes through for me once again. Just stay away from that "other" category...

Speaking of child-sized, the sleeping bag used to be Meego's camping bag, but alas, he's grown out of it. He did have that birthday on Thursday. He needs a bigger sleeping bag to go with. *sniff*.

I'm off to go shopping for, among other things, a new sleeping bag for Meego.


terri said...

I remember Weekend at Bernies. Wasn't one of the actors Andrew McCarthy of Brat Pack fame? Never did think he was a very good actor. Can't say I liked the movie much either.

New neighbors are always interesting. Hope you get some good ones who don't have children who like to light things on fire.

Husbands Anonymous said...

I thought Andrew McCarthy was great! It was the guy who played Bernie that irked me- he seemed kinda lifeless in his delivery.

Judy said...

LOVE Weekend at Bernies.

I'm PTA VP again this year...we can gripe to each other.

LauraBelle said...

Good heavens ... now I remember Weekend at Bernie's. I forgot but now remember, thanks for the reminder letting me remember I can forget things ... funny. I thought it funny back then but probably today wouldn't find it as amusing. Weird how our tastes change over the years ... speaking of taste, Craig's list has become quite popular it appears with all the hoopla surrounding it, eh?

brandy101 said...

LOL@ scott!

I volunteered to lead a pack of 3rd graders ALL DAY on their outdoor rain-or-shine field trip in 2 weeks. I am having MAJOR regrets about it. I know I will have a *calgon, take me away* moment after the 1st obnoxious remark/complaint I hear.

Paraphasing Blue Oyster Cult, *Dont fear the renters*