Sunday, May 24, 2009

same time this year

The Air Force Thunderbirds are buzzing my house.

They pay us a visit every year about this time.

Isn't it a nice coincidence for the Air Force Academy? That the Thunderbirds' visit to me coincides with the same week as graduation?

I know they're really here for me.


  1. Look! They're even making an "A" for Abby. That is soooooo sweet!

  2. Jet noise: the sound of freedom

  3. they are! My friend's birthday is the 4th of July, and as a child she believed with all her heart that the fireworks were for her alone.

  4. Shiney! I am so jealous of your proximity. Nothing stirrs the soul like some earth shaking, house rattling, alarm blaring fly-bys (especially when they kick in the afterburners). Who-ah!

  5. My oldest son, Tony, is in the Air Force ... don't know why I wanted to say that, but I did. SO there. *grinz*