Friday, November 14, 2008

I, (state your name),...

I was at the usual place at the usual time talking with the usual people when one of the usual people says, "AHA! Your name is Abby!" And I'm all, "what?".

It was yesterday, after school. I was near the bench. You know, the bench between the rear door of the school and the playground. The same spot I can be found on most school days at that time, waiting for the mass of school children to come streaming out, newly freed from their school day shackles.

I'm there at that time most weekdays as are the other 4 or 5 people who routinely pick up their kids at that spot. We see each other and we talk about all manner of things. Weekend plans, troubles with kids, funny stories, sad stories, troubles with spouses, troubles with teachers, work stories, hobby stories... Things maybe we don't even talk about with our neighbors, because we don't see our neighbors as often.

Yet, we never really took the time to introduce ourselves, not by names anyway. I learned that one woman's name was Julie only because one day she wasn't there, and someone said, "Where's Julie?". Until then, she was "The Blonde Chick from Canada". Another guy was "The Parrot Dude", because he was a cook at a restaurant called The Thirsty Parrot. Another guy is "Trina's Dad". Then theres "The Big Guy" because, well, he's a pretty big guy.

It was Trina's Dad who revealed that he now knew my name. I had just left our monthly PTO meeting and still had my official I'm-allowed-to-be-in-the-school-building-because-I-signed-the-official-sign-in-sheet-and-stuck-this-official-school-visitor-sticker-on-my-shirt sticker. Half the time, I don't even bother to write my name on those stickers, but yesterday I did. So there it was for all to see.

So Trina's Dad knows my name. The Blonde Chick knows my name. Cell Phone Guy probably doesn't, he's not very interested in us it seems.

But now I'm wondering. Who was I to them before I showed up with a name??


  1. I don't know what the parents call me behind my back but I know what the kids call me to my face...

    "Hey Litkia's Mom!"

    I think they call you the runner.

  2. K-e-t-c-h-u-p...

    That's a pretty "unique" spelling of "Abby"!

  3. It's funny how we do that ... talk with people in places like this ... or while waiting in a long line that you got there EARLY to be up front to get good seats and you talk your tounge off but don't even know their name or if you'll even ever see them again. Uh-oh. I'm taking after your other friend talking in long sentences! Eeks!

  4. I am guessing crazy yurt dwelling runner lady.

  5. Geez.. at the risk of sounding like a kiss a**, I would have to go with Supermom or Totally Down To Earth Woman! :)

  6. They probably call you "The Runner with the Geeky Kid"

  7. I think things are most comfortable when no one has to bother learning anyone else's name. It takes away the pressure of having to .... you know.... remember and all.

  8. I'm terrible with names always have been, so I can relate to giving people names like blond whiney dude, or whatever. And yeah I think a lot of people do that. I'm sure they have a nice name for you.