Saturday, November 15, 2008

Silver Lining Saturday part XIII

Ooooh! Part XIII - lucky 13! I know, 13 is supposed to be UN-lucky, but it's always been lucky for me, so I like 13. Then again, it's bad luck to be superstitious.

Still, it feels like it was a good week, so time to give it some thought and find out why:

I mentioned that last weekend we went to.... "that" park (don't make me type the whole name again). That was really a fun afternoon. We hadn't done that kind of "family fun" few hours thing in a while, and I was thinking earlier in the day that I really should get some work done and just let Magnum and the boys go, but then changed my mind. So glad I did. We frolicked around, everyone had a good time, and I threw the frisbee until my arm was about to fall off. Made a few catches that would make even the best frisbee dogs jealous, I might add.

We had our monthly elementary school PTO meeting this week. Some readers who've been here a while might remember that I was feeling serious PTO burnout last year and wanting to hang up that volunteer badge. The only reason I agreed to stay on another year was because a friend of mine was taking over as president this year and she'd asked me to stay as treasurer. Many on the board the last few years just rubbed me the wrong way, like they were doing the PTO thing just because it looked good on the volunteer section of their work file. Or they wanted to impress people with their title of "PTO President of Little Neighborhood Elementary School". Impressive as that is *COUGH* I think people should be on a PTO board for the school and the kids. That's why I was in. This year, a lot of those snooty snoots are out, and we've got the aforementioned new president and several new members that are in it for the right reasons. PTO is fun again.

The fall weather has been great, then yesterday, we had this cold front move through. I woke up to go running this morning in 17 degrees F. WHoo, invigorating! I was thankful for my UnderArmour Coldgear and that blasted balaclava. I really have a love/hate relationship with that balaclava.

I'm thankful for my students, both the newer ones and the longer standing ones. They are sincerely trying to improve their lives and reach goals they've set for themselves, and that in turn inspires me.

And, since I haven't said this specifically in a while, I'm thankful for my blog friends. Always entertaining and inspiring and educative and supportive and challenging (you WordTwist people!).


terri said...

The best times are like your adventure at the park... when it's completely spontaneous and allows you to just forget all that nagging stuff hanging over your head. So glad you could enjoy it.

I worried for you last year when you agreed to stay on the PTO even though you were clearly burned out. It definitely looks as if it was the right decision and this year's group is going to be positive and productive.

And as far as running in the cold and your balaclava... I think New Balance would pay you for that idea. It fits right in with their new ad campaign. (And apropos of nothing... my kid calls his balaclava a "baklava." I keep trying to tell him a "baklava" is a Russian dessert, not something you wear on your head and neck for warmth, but he refuses to pronounce it correctly.)

Sorry... I just about wrote a post in your comments...

Beej said...

I'm just thankful that Terri defined balaclava for me. We don't wear those things around here. Did I mention I'm wearing flip flops again today? We're going to TN for Thanksgiving and we'll be doing some hiking. My sister said it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring some longjohns. I'm not sure you can get any of those around here!

Happily not cold,

LauraBelle said...

Today it was 84 degrees. We are having an unsually warm season here! The moon was totally awesome, tho the reason of the Santa Barbara fires making it appear the way it did, is sad. So many people lost so much.

I too am glad she defined balaclava. What a weird word! Now I'm hungry for some baklava ...

Whimsical Ranter said...

I'm glad you're enjoying PTO life again. It can be fun when people are willing to work together.

I once threw a frisbee at one of my kids...did ya know they leave the funniest bruises??

Honestly, Abby I'm thankful for you too and all your thankfulness reminds me to be more thankful.

brandy101 said...

stay warm, Word Twist sistah!

Freak Magnet said...

17 degrees? WOW. We've dipped a little tiny bit under freezing I think now but not much. I love that cold, frigid air. I live in the wrong State for that... Uuughh.. Stay warm with that Balaclava! :)