Wednesday, November 5, 2008

an allocation of pity, 006

Happy post-election day. I will forgo the political punditting. There's WAAAAY too much of that going on as it is. Besides, I don't like to talk politics here, and the husband and I hashed it out enough. It's a good thing his and my political opinions are aligned.

I will keep it clean and just say that the election day bake sale was a success. I don't know what the final take was, but the donation jar was filling up at a pretty good rate when I left. And the lemon poppyseed bread was being scarfed as well. I purposely didn't make brownies or chocolate chip cookies because I figured everyone and their grandma would make those, and I was right. Go for that lemon poppyseed road less travelled I say!

Sooooo, in a totally unrelated to politics road, I got an award from Freak Magnet. See how purdy?

AS it usually is with these things, I'm supposed to do some work now that I won the thing. Freak Magnet is a relatively new reader here, so I will forgive her and actually play along I suppose.

I'm to post 6 random things about myself and then pass the award along. Sheesh! Random things I haven't posted already?? I mean, I've already confessed to kissing a gay boy, to cheating on my husband's zucchini, to having awful handwriting. What else? Too much probably.

Can I cop out of the award giving? Because there's too many deserving winners? Beej, Anna, Linda, Brandy, Jerry, Judy, Terri, Herb, Rants and Whimsy - whatever her real name is, Laurabelle, Pendoodles... Ack, yes there are too many. And I'm too lazy to provide links to all those bloggers. Go find them.

Oh well, here goes:

1. I've never had chicken pox, but I've had chicken.

2. I once played footsie under the dinner table with a boyfriend only to realize that I was playing footsie with said boyfriend's dad! Wait, that wasn't me. It was a good friend of mine. WHEW!!

3. I still have all my original parts - appendix, tonsils, ovaries, uterus, wisdom teeth - but my two front teeth are fake.

4. I've never eaten sushi, but I've eaten alligator... and fishtix.

5. When I was a kid, I was annoyingly afraid of any and all dogs. Now I like 'em.

6. Patrick Dempsey does nothing for me, nor does George Clooney for that matter. Now, Daniel Craig on the other hand....

<---- click, he get's bigger!

The latest James Bond installment, in theaters Nov. 14.

Hubba hubba! I'd even play footsie with his dad!


LauraBelle said...

Wow! I'm the first one to comment! Oh *ahem* allow me to introduce myself ...

I am Laura Marie Nickson. There ya have it. My sister-in-law dubbed me LauraBelle years ago and when I got my first site, that's the name I chose to use ~ ha!

It's always a joy to come here and read as you post some pretty interesting stuff - and - I tend to laugh a lot and often laugh out loud! I think you're most deserving of the award ~ KUDOS to you kiddo! {{hugg}}

Duble said...

I am going to have to pass on the kreativ blogger award. Unless it is awarded for spelling, but since you don't respond to these things, I am going to assume that it doesn't.

Beej said...

1. Haaaaahahahahaa.
2.!!!!!!! oh.
3.!!!!!!! bet that's a good story.
4.I ate alligator...but don't know what fishtix is.
5.I used to like dogs pretty good and now I'm askeered.
6.OH YEAH! Mmmhhmmm.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Yay - glad you survived all of the election craziness. The thing was huge even down here in Aus - it must have been a madhouse up there where you are!

I have so taken the lemon poppyseed road less travelled! Literally - I always made lemon poppyseed muffins for my school cake stalls because I figured everyone else would do chocolate!

You've eaten alligator?!? Awesome! (ha, says the vegetarian!). But what on earth is 'fishtix'? We do have seafood sticks (made of everything but seafood) down here, so I'm going to assume that it's the same thing...

I used to be very nervous around dogs. Well, working in a pet shop and having to fit rotweilers for harnesses will fix that for you...

Whimsical Ranter said...

LMAO....I talk to myself while I read sometimes...not all the time and not like a crazy lady but once in a while.

As I was reading your list I paused at the fishtix and mused out loud what the heck that was. Then I said the word out loud...duh.

I'd play footsie with that new Bond dude any day.

I'm glad your bake sale was a success. I was thinking about you when I was hearing about long lines to vote and thinking....hmmm wonder if they're selling milk too.

Great award, very pretty and you deserve it.

Linda said...

lol!! thanks..:) you make me laugh!! I REALLY needed that today!!

terri said...

Thanks for not tagging me. I have a couple memes floating aimlessly in my drafts already without any hope of ever seeing publication.

I already had a crush on Patrick Dempsey and George Clooney. And then you just had to throw Daniel Craig's buff body in there too. I think I feel a new crush coming on.

Herb said...

I am most unworthy of this great honor, so graciously bestowed upon my humble person. 6 random things about myself? Well, let's see, Oh, this is for a blog post? Okee-dokee.

Judy said...

Aw, what a cute award, Abby! Congrats! And, thanks for thinking of me to pass along to - I'll accept here, and then I'll think about putting it up over at my own place (in my spare time).