Thursday, October 23, 2008

he ain't what he eats

One of Chaco's classes this year is "Modified Health". What is "Modified Health"?

It's Health class without the sex ed.

It seems that in order to work his preferred elective classes into the schedule, he landed in the sexless health class. He's fine with it as I guess he learned all he needs to know about the birds and the bees in middle school. His class is a relatively small health class he says - him, a few other schedule challenged, and some Mormons.

So the other night he had this homework assignment. He was to keep a food diary of everything he ate for a day and then go to this Food Pyramid Tracker and get an analysis. I went there just this morning to play around, there's so much to do!

But back to the homework. To use the tracker and get an analysis, one must enter everything consumed in a day. Then it spits out (no pun intended) this whole nutrition analysis and whatnot. I asked him first if he had written things down as he ate them, but he said he just remembered everything. Okay, fine. I remember having to do a food diary project once and actually found that I ate more than what I'd thought when I had to diligently write it down. I figured he might leave a few things out, but it would probably be okay for Modified Health.

So I curiously looked at his printout when he was finished. Geesh, it says like SIX THOUSAND calories consumed out of a recommended 1832. Okay, first of all, Chaco's a 14-year-old boy and that 1832 recommendation seems low, but SIX THOUSAND calories??!! In one day?!?

So I was asking him about what all he entered, and he walked me through his food day. I had to agree that, yah, it sounded like the stuff he goes through. I would just say that he might not have finished ALL of the stuff so his portion size might be a little off, but he pretty much had it. If anything, maybe knock off a thousand calories or so? Two thousand?

The thing that's so enigmatic here is that Chaco is maybe an inch taller than me now, say 5'6" and he has yet to make the needle on the scale hit 100 lbs. He is moderately active, but seems to require the diet of a Himalayan Sherpa. Each of our kids are of the non-husky, but Chaco is the classic ectomorph.

Despite my best efforts - buying whole milk, using real butter, keeping plenty of snacks around, etc. - he is the epitome of scrawn.

But I'm not doing the Supersize Me thing. That's just gross.
update: Okay, I went and did the nutrient analysis thing for my day so far. It said I've eaten about 4500 calories so far, and I haven't even had dinner yet. I think it's a little off. Right?


LauraBelle said...

My Kody will be 14 next month. He is approx. 5'5" and sounds alot like your son. Kody had a "consultation" appt. with his PC Dr. RE:meds. He got on the scales, the nurse/asst. said, 'well, not quite a full 100lbs!' Kody then said, "Dang, oh man ... lost 2 pounds from last time. Must be cuz of the gym." I find him dropping to the ground and doing sit-ups and the most odd times ... he's working on his "six-pack" he says.

I am amazed at the amount of foodstuff he consumes also. I'm curious tho now about the calorie count ... I don't think it could be 6K, but wow ...

Beej said...

I like that place. That's kinda fun, especially since I can put all my exercise in very little food. Wonder how long I can keep it up...

My 14 year old is L-A-Z-Y, but very concerned about his appearance. There are so many times at the table that he says, "I really want more of that, but I think I better stop". I never had that kind of control.

Freak Magnet said...

I so remember those days... I ate everything in sight - certainly about 6K in calories myself and I was skinny! Sadly, at least for women, it all changes at 20 and then again at 30, and 40... well just not discuss that filth! Lucky fou your son he's a guy and will always probably have a great metabolism. Amazing what they consume though, huh?

terri said...

I vaguely remember being able to eat anything I wanted without a care in the world. Ahhh to be a teen again...

Whimsical Ranter said...

I think I remember reading somewhere about all the calories Micheal Phelps consumed while he was swimming in the Olympics, was somewhere around that number. I somehow doubt that if your son were eating that much he'd be that weight...Unless of course he really is Michael Phelps....But again, you don't really look much like Phelps' mother....

If that is really you.

So, yeah, I think it's off too.