Friday, December 31, 2021

feeling helpless

I'm typing this while watching the live briefing regarding the Marshall fire in Boulder county.

Scary Scary sh*t happened yesterday.  While we were putzing around with our little home improvement projects, thousands of people were evacuating as homes were burning.  Super dry conditions coupled with high intensity winds sparked horrific fires.  The burn area is about a 1-hour drive from us.

Chaco called me as he lives and works near the evacuation zone.  He went into work around noon to put in a half day before the New Year holiday, and several coworkers were abruptly leaving to evacuate from their homes.  He's sure at least 2 or 3 of them lost their homes.

I encouraged Chaco to head to our house rather than wait for an evacuation order.  He loaded up his car, but decided to watch and wait.  His neighborhood was able to stay put.

Meanwhile, I checked in with my oldest brother - known here on the blog as "Hagrid" - who lives in Louisville.

His home was completely destroyed.  

While I'm utterly relieved that he and my sis-in-law made it to safety, I feel devastated by this loss for them.

Less than a week ago, he and I were texting cutesy Merry Christmas messages.  Yesterday morning began like any other.  



Linda Sue said...

More to come I am sure- everywhere, climate change , adaptability, migration, turmoil, Yep, it's the real deal. Is any one or any where safe- NO.So...enjoy what you have in the moment, it is all we have, I reckon.

BootsandBraids said...

Watching the news, people running on foot ahead of the flames, neighborhoods on fire, I'm at a loss for words. Stay safe.

Abby said...

Linda Sue, Yep, safety not guaranteed 😞

BootsandBraids, wildfires are part of living in Colorado, but yesterday's was the scariest I know of. Started and grew so fast. Our governor's not kidding when he refers to the "New Year's miracle" of no deaths reported. I can't be grateful enough for the emergency crews' efficient and thorough evacuation process.

betty said...

Oh gosh, Abby, I am so sorry about your brother's/SIL's house :( When I saw the news of the fire, I thought of you. An hour away is still not far enough away with some fires but I am glad you are safe and your son didn't have to evacuate. It is so unusual (I think) to have a fire of this magnitude at this time of the year, especially in an area like Colorado. I would think Southern California but certainly not Colorado. It is sad for those who lost homes and businesses. Not a happy new year for them. Again, just so sad :(


Abby said...

Betty, thanks. Yes, this is a strange time of year to have a wildfire, but we've had a very dry start to winter. Thankfully, today, we're getting lots of snow which aided immensely in fire containment. Ironically, those high winds blew in the snow storm :/. I think there's still a lot of shock and disbelief.

Tee said...

Oh, Abby, I am so very sorry for the loss your brother and sister-in-law suffered. Glad to hear that they and Chaco are okay.

Abby said...

Tee, thanks, there were certainly some silver linings here. Could've been much worse.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

God I'm sorry. I'm glad you and your immediate family are safe. I pray it stays this way.

Abby said...

Peg, thank you. I second those thoughts.