Monday, June 14, 2021

standing here for far too long

I worked my last shift at the Old Folks Home yesterday.  I actually started the new job two weeks ago, but I stayed at the old place for a couple more Sundays until my replacement would take over.  Thankfully, the replacer is a coworker who happily took the promotion, so it was easy to train her.  Did that yesterday, and I am now an official has been.

While I'm glad to have finished up, I'm grateful for my time there.  I gained lasting friendships and memories that were forged all the more deeply because of the COVID conditions.  And as I've confessed that geriatrics isn't my bag, I learned a lot of dietary and nutrition info along those lines as well as motivation to do what I can to prevent sh*t from happening to me as I age.

Like many other parts of the northern hemisphere, it's been uncomfortably hot here lately.  Yesterday was no exception, and I question the functionality of the HVAC at the facility.  We were dripping.  At one point, I went into the walk-in cooler, and it felt oh so good.  I immediately involuntarily struck this expression.

One of the cooks was in there, not surprisingly looking the same.  He'd taken his hat off and was just standing there all...

I'd gone in to check the jell-o inventory.  God forbid they run out of jell-o.  It's about a 10-second task, but you know I stayed much longer... and went back several times to "check inventory".

So, moving  on.  I'm liking the new job and still learning the ropes.  The college campus is pretty quiet now that it's summer, and I'm looking forward to the fall.  

Magnum and I got out for some hiking on Saturday.  Nothing very strenuous, he had new boots he wanted to break in, so I tagged along.  It was  hot then too, but a breeze and periodic shade kept us alive.

We stopped at one of the educational plaques to learn about Ponderosa Pines, but really just wanted to hang out in the shade for a while.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hi Abby, wondered how things were going. You know you said something that struck me. Seeing all the old people makes you see how you don't want to be that way. I recall seeing my Grandmother who after she retired, she just SAT. All day every day. Then she had issues and when it came time to do PT she couldn't handle it. You don't have to run marathons but you need to move. And I think as we age a lot of people forget that. I know Rick says that doing physical labor for work keeps him moving as he ages. We have friends the same age who think what he does is impossible. Yes, it's harder for him now than when he was 45 but moving keeps him young if you ask me. Recently a friend asked me if I can do stairs? What? I live in a 3 level home - I do stairs all damn day. Do I like it? No. And as I age it will be worse but yes, I can do stairs. She said, can you run up them? Ah, yes. I thought it odd. She is 1 yr older than me and uses a scooter now she told me. She said after your knee surgery you had no issues. Nope when to therapy and I walk 3-4 miles a day. I believe the more I move, the less I'll eat jello. 😂 (I hate jello it's so sickening sweet to me) Lookin' cute Abby in this photo!

Abby said...

Peggy, so true! In fact, I've wondered the best title of "the home". Skilled nursing facility is too many syllables, nursing home sounds old fashioned. Someone suggested "rest home", and that seems appropriate because they mostly sit or lie down unless PT makes them move.

Keep doing them stairs! No jell-o for us!

betty said...

Looked like a nice place to take a hike and enjoy some shade! Nothing worse that trying to work some place and the air conditioning is not working properly especially on an extra hot day. Good to hear you wrapped up that job and are learning what is required at the new one. You'll blink and it will be fall and students will be back on campus.


Abby said...

betty, yep feels good to have made a clean break from the old job and now I can focus on the new - where the AC works!