Wednesday, November 11, 2020

a vacation to COVID and happy bath day

My coworker today was back after fighting off the COVID.  I didn't even know she had it, I thought she went away for a few days of fun.  Turns out she did.  And she got COVID.  

Bummer of a vacation.

But she's back and seemed none the worse for wear.  She said she had a fever, terrible headaches and body aches, and lost her sense of smell and taste.  No coughing or breathing troubles.  Weird thing that COVID.

This makes her the second person in our department, that I know of, to come down with it.  I've lost count of the number of times I've been tested (all negative).  My nostrils and inner bowels of my skull hardly care anymore.

In more uplifting news, those wildfires?  They're pretty much squelched.  I mean, they're still burning, but well contained.  We got another good dumping of snow earlier this week, and the reports are "minimal fire activity and smoldering".  So there's that.  I've really been feeling like getting away for some nature time lately.  It's starting to get cold and sloppy in the boonies, but I won't complain.

One of the residents at work today told me she'd just had a bath.  She hadn't had one in several years, only quick showers.  She explained that her incontinence makes baths impractical, but I think we've got a new bath system now that allows constant fresh water. What a treat for her!

Honestly, I don't remember the last time I had a bath, but at least I know I have the option.  This particular woman has lived in our facility since she broke her neck years ago.  I didn't know until today how she'd ended up in her condition.  We don't ask, but sometimes the residents will offer information. Her mind is sharp, and she is an articulate woman, but her body - not so much.

She has special forks and spoons that we shove into her claw-like hands, and she is then able to feed herself.  It used to make me uncomfortable to bring her food and do the fork/spoon shoving bit, but I've realized that I now look forward to talking with her.

And today, we celebrate a bath.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OH Abby this is such a nice story. I am certain that woman appreciates you spending time with her. Sometimes we see people like this and ignore them or keep our distance. I bet she is happy to talk to you too.
I don't do baths. Rick calls them Human Soup, which makes me laugh. If I take one I always need to shower after because I don't feel clean after a bath. Funny how we all feel differently about baths. :-)

Kim@StormsAndStardust said...

Poor lady - baths are my very favorite thing in the world, and I feel so bad that she wasn't able to enjoy one for so long.

I'm glad to hear the wildfires are all but done. Those are so heartbreaking, and scary. We don't generally get them here in the south, but every once in a while there will be one somewhere.

COVID? Oh my. I work retail, so I've had quite a few co-workers out with it, and no telling how many shoppers out spreading it, probably unbeknownst to them. It's scary, but I guess we're all doing what we can to keep from getting it and hoping for the best.


Abby said...

Peggy, whenever I get to whining about something - wind on my bike ride home, running out of bananas for my breakfast, bad hair... - I think of some of those residents who never whine and what a brat I am.

Kim, I think there are a lot of COVID positives out there working, shopping, etc. Be careful!