Tuesday, August 13, 2019

weekends at the lake house and jumping

We've spent the last couple of weekends at The Lake House.  That's not nearly as fancy as it sounds.

The 'Lake House' is the title given to Meego-and-friends' rental college house.  It's a pretty typical college rental house on a street with a bunch of other typical college rental houses.  The street name happens to be Lake Street.

We loaded up a u-haul van on August 1 and u-hauled the bulk of Meego's possessions.  Two of his housemates are friends of his from high school attending the same university.  The 4th guy is a friend of one of the friend's dorm roommate.  They're pretty much moved in but not living there yet.  Like Meego, they have jobs and are finishing those up for the summer.  We went up again last weekend to put together a desk and mow the lawn.  Aah, home rentalship.

They've got it pretty well put together - lots of furniture they've managed to onload from others and a big honking brand new gas grill one guy's parents furnished.  The kitchens (there are two)  are  ridiculously well stocked with cooking utensils, serving ware, etc.  Not reminiscent at all of any of my college digs.

I'm sure they'll keep it nice and tidy 😏

And speaking of kitchens, I have renewed fervor in my vegetarian conversion.  Recall that I decided to go vegetarian at around the start of this year.  Tiffany, who recently sadly and tragically and unexpectedly died, was my vegetarian mentor.  She'd been a vegetarian for several years and primarily became one for the same reasons I was interested:  environmental sustainability and compassion for animals.

I found it pretty easy to shift since I wasn't that big of a meat eater at the time.  But I did fall off the wagon a few times, mainly out of laziness. Tiffany's death put me back on the path, and I've been actively gathering new recipes.  "gathering new recipes" is another way of saying I've found some good vegetarian recipes but have yet to purchase any ingredients let alone actually cook any of them. But hey, it's a start!

Tiffany's cousin, who is also a friend and P.E.O. sister, shared [THIS VIDEO] that Tiffany made of her first sky dive.  I knew she'd skydived before, but didn't know of the video, so it was so fun to watch and SO Tiffany!

Makes me smile/cry

Well, if she can jump out of an airplane, I can learn to cook.


Chatty Crone said...

I think you could do both!

Abby said...

Chatty, we know YOU can do both! I'll start with the cooking

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Abby when I changed my way of eating I had to start cooking. I HATE all things cooking. But it was that or die. I decided I had to learn. I am still not great but compared to how I was before celiac. Light years! So if I can do it you can do it.Best of luck. Will your spouse go vegetarian too? that sure makes life easier.

Abby said...

Peggy, thanks for the inspiration. He's not full-on veg, but is "okay" with the idea and also will cook for himself sometimes. Since Meego's been home for summer, I'm cooking more meaty things, and Magnum says he's putting the bit of weight back on that he'd lost when I initially went on the meat strike.
I don't usually mind cooking so much, but I find grocery shopping to be a pain and want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible.

Morgan Cartwright said...

Two kitchens! I'm a bit jealous.
I think your new cooking venture sounds fun!

Abby said...

Morgan, we rented a house for a while when we lived in Utah. It had two kitchens. We figured - one for each wife?