Friday, August 11, 2017

something new, something old

I graduated high school from the same school district I attended on my first day of school in Kindergarten... and all the grades in between.  I never knew what it was like to be the "new kid", and I never really wanted to either.

It seemed so awkward.  Not knowing anyone or where anything is, where to put your stuff, what people dress like, what bathrooms you shouldn't go into, any unspoken hierarchies, etc. And of course, where to sit at lunch.

This week, I was one of the new kids.  I started my high school job.  It was awkward at first, but I think I held my own.  Oh sure, I've started other jobs before, but this one being at a high school at the beginning of the school year, it feels similar to being a new student.

And so far, I'm likin' it.  Everyone seems really cool and nice, and not in an overly-cordial-because-the-principal-makes-us-be-nice-to-new-staff kind of way, but in a genuine-real-and-cool-people kind of way.  People sit with me at lunch.

So yeah, I love it!  Of course, we haven't had any students yet, they start next week...

Also, this week, I got the not-very-surprising news that I'm allergic to bees.  Wasps, yellow hornets, white faced  hornets, and yellow jackets too to round out the party!  Yay!  What the heck's a white faced hornet??

They tested me for a bunch of other stuff too, but that was last week. Apparently, the stinging insect test stuff has to be mixed up $pecial (no, that's not a typo).  Bottom line, if it's a tree, weed, or grass, I'm allergic to it, along with all those stinging insects.  Throw in a few molds for good measure.

I'm not allergic to cows, however.  Good to know?

So I'm gonna start getting allergy shots in hopes it will help my seasonal drunkenness balance troubles.  Runny nose and itchy eyes I can handle, but the vertigo's a b*tch.

The shots won't treat me for the stinging insects, though, since so far, I tend to just get a &$^##! annoying local reaction without the life threatening stuff.  Basically, my allergist advises me to

"Try not to look or smell like a flower"

As the nurse was putting me through all that testing - poking me with a gazillion syringes - she noted the smallpox vaccine scar on my left shoulder.  Who of the readers here is old enough and has a smallpox vaccine scar?  Anyone?  Show of hands?

I don't have too many vivid memories of first days of school, never being too stressed out and all.  But I DO remember getting that smallpox vaccine.

My loving mother took me down to a local gymnasium.  I was all happy because I was excited that I was going to start going to school.  Also, I enjoyed going out and about running errands with my mom, PLUS, she said after the "thing at the gym" we would see Grandma and get a donut!  Win!

Everything changed once we opened the door to that gym.

Crying and screaming children everywhere.  Tears, boogers, the whole caboodle.  They were all about my age. And I was all,

"Mom!  What fresh hell have you brought me to?!?"

I started crying too because it seemed to be the protocol.  I hadn't even gotten the shot yet.

I recall that the shot itself didn't really hurt.  It just had a strange "electrical jolt" feel to it, and left a bloody mark on my arm, now a memorable scar.  I remember thinking I could probably stop crying.

Bring on the donuts.


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ShadowRun300 said...

I'm so glad i didn't have to go to "that thing at the gym". But I always thought it was a cool scar. No?
Happy to hear you're liking your new job so far! Having grown up in the Air Force, I was the new kid all the time, but I still feel nervous when I go to a new place.
If that last bee sting led you to figuring out a "cure" for your vertigo, then it' was well worth it. Right?

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm so pleased you aren't allergic to cows, I mean how would you cope if you were?

Glad the new job is going well and it didn't pan out like a new version of the "Mean Girls", a film you probably didn't see as you have boys and good taste.

Abby said...

I remember when "everyone" had the scar. We could compare them like belly buttons. Good old days...
I'm optimistic about the allergy injections. Dr. Don't-look-like-a-flower cited some similar patients.

Abby said...

I've heard of "Mean Girls" but never watched the whole thing. Probably a good thing considering my new workplace.
I'm so udderly happy to not be allergic to cows!

KatBouska said...

I think I stay with jobs I don't like just to avoid being the new kid at a different job. Seems healthy. ;) Good luck when the kids start coming in! You'll love it!

B Nickerson said...

I have a small pox scar. It's on my back. Hubby's is on his left upper arm (traditional location.) I had a small pox booster when i was in the military, but a booster doesn't leave behind a scar. General vaccination of the US populations stopped in 1970.

Abby said...

Well, at least I wasn't the only new kid. Bring on those angsty hormonal teens!

Abby said...

On your back? That's different. I'm on team left shoulder like your hubby.
Stopped in 1970? Figures. That's the year I started kindergarten, one of the last of "the chosen".