Friday, June 23, 2017

VPs and mysteries

Several years ago, the Vice President of the United States came to visit my place of business.  I never actually saw him since, surprisingly, he hadn't come to visit ME specifically.  I just remember that all the roads feeding in and out of our little compound were closed for quite some time, and there were sexy secret service men walking around.

Some of us peons were able to press our faces against windows and watch the motorcade as it left the premises.  That was the extent of our veep visit experience.  Oh, and as a testament to my age, it was Dan Quayle.

Today, Meego is sleeping in.  His place of business is being visited by the Vice President of the United States, and Meego's managers decided to just not bother having workers come in today with all the security hoops in place.  VP Pence is coming to Focus on the Family.  No, Meego does not work FOR Focus on the Family, he works at a warehouse that is rented FROM Focus on the Family and is located on the Focus on the Family property.

So yeah, we live a bit among the holy rollers, but after living in Utah for about four years as a "gentile", I find the Evangelical Christians pretty tame.  And I'm pondering how I went from growing up in the "Sex Change Capitol of the World" to living at the home of Focus on the Family?

It's also Comic Con season here in Colorado.   We attended about three Denver comic cons before it got too crowded and we determined we'd seen it all before.  I always enjoyed the people watching at Comic Con.  Some of those cosplayers really get into it, and I sensed that some maybe didn't always fit in in the "real world", but loved it when Comic Con was in town.

And I remember this... thing

We had no idea what it was.  Some suggested it was a furry thing from Star Trek (the name of which I can't remember, not ever being much of a Trekkie myself).

Now I still wonder.  Anyone?

And if wanting to know what it looked like from the front, know that it looked pretty much the same as from the back.  Just a fat furry white thing. With dark hairy legs and flip flops.  Should someone have called security?


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ShadowRun300 said...

Yeah - Comic Con is a great place for people who don't quite fit in - but they do with each other. My oldest can relate.
And I have no idea who the furry blob is. Not much of a Trekkie myself.
I've never had the excitement of having a big wig come to town. Maybe now that I'm in Joplin....

Abby said...

Some of those cosplay costumes are amazing (not necessarily this thing), which is why I just don't cosplay.
Yes, Joplin. Just TRY staying under the radar!