Sunday, May 21, 2017

the nature of things

We got sloppy snow here last week and it seemed that everyone and their grandma was whining about it, so I purposely didn't whine.  (1) We need the moisture and (2) the sucky weather wouldn't last.

I was right!  I should be a meteorologist.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, so Magnum and I got out for a little nature time at Fountain Creek Regional Park.  We hadn't been there in years, and I'm glad we chose it.

We added a few geocaches to our log while we were at it, so a productive spring day all around.

And it was a good week in general, the tutees are winding down with the end of the school year/semester at hand. Just a few "OMG, final exam!" appointments in an otherwise mellow schedule for me.

We had a nice dinner with my mom-in-law and her husband to celebrate Wolfgang's graduation.  Magnum's sis and her husband joined us too.  It's strange we don't really socialize much with my sister-in-law (their politics are a little opposed to Magnum's...), but we usually have a good time with them.

As for Sierra the Wonder Dog - as in "I wonder what's the deal with her?" - things are looking good!  Her new foster family, after she left our cat craziness home, decided to keep her on even though she attacked their other foster pooch.

One of their stipulations in taking her in was that the adoption group expedite her eligibility for adoption.  The fosters aren't available for adoption until they've been spayed/neutered, so our coordinator was able to get Sierra in for her "spa day" this week.  Really, I'm impressed with how efficiently stuff just gets done with this group.

So she's done been fixed, and she's already got an appointment with a potential adopter family today!  She's a good dog, really.  Smart and playful, just a little overwhelmed at all the changes in her life.  She's not even 2 years old yet.  Her new foster mom took this mug of her.  What's not to like??

I noticed she's wearing a Thunder Jacket in the photo.  Maybe it helped to calm her down.  Thunder Jacket and major abdominal surgery...

Update:  Sierra was adopted on the spot once the adopters met her!  Retired couple, no other pets.  Perfect!  I'm so happy for her *sniff*


  1. Is that a large turd in the background? :D

    1. Ha! Why am I not surprised you asked that?

  2. I love the picture of you on the log.

    My mother recently had to give back a cat that she adopted 3 months ago. She's very upset about it but the cat was just not adjusting. He came from a hoarder home and we think he was just used to being around a lot of cats and he was not happy. He's back with the "shelter" she got him from but it's a actually in a nice home. The cats are free to roam so he's not in a cage or anything and my mother is still volunteering there. I'm glad Sierra is doing well. What a cut pup.

    1. Sorry about your mom's cat. Some animals handle change better than others. Sierra will be fine, she's a great dog and we might have even adopted her ourselves if she wasn't so unpredictable with the cat.

  3. Hopefully it's the last of your sloppy snow!
    Things seemed to have worked out perfectly for Sierra. Such a relief! :)
    What are you gonna do now that your tutee schedule is slowing down? Travel? You still need to do that you know.....

    1. If we get snow in June, I just might join the whiners.
      I saw pics of Sierra on facebook with her new "parents". Everyone looks happy. And you've reminded me, I've got airline credits!

  4. That is great news for Sierra I love a happy ending, I also loved what Joey said ha ha.

  5. Oh, I'm SO happy for Sierra! It sounds like the perfect situation for her. May she be happy ever after!