Friday, March 10, 2017

at least it wasn't a pizza

Last weekend, I ordered a pair of shooz from Brooks.  They were shipped via FedEx and arrived on Wednesday:

See the cat back there?  Yes, he's laughing.

I'm curious what the FedEx driver thought as he plopped placed the crumpled package on our porch.

"How embarrassing, this package is all smashed up...", or

"Is it 4:20 yet??"

I think the shooz were adequately packaged from the Brooks end.  A thick cardboard box secured the inner box that secured the shooz.  Works for me.

Thankfully, these were just shooz, meant to take a bit of a beating, so the actual product was unharmed.  

On Tuesday, I ordered a book I needed for a tutee.  It was shipped via FedEx and guaranteed to arrive by yesterday.

It is now today. This is what has arrived.  

Actually, I have no image available because the book is floating around out there somewhere nowhere near me.

Thankfully, the bookstore located about a mile from our house had copies of the book, so I was able to get it in time for tuting, just not at the lower online price.    If and when the original order arrives, I'll have the pleasure of returning it because I needed it Thursday and we have now entered Friday and beyond.

Meego was home when the shooz arrived and I brought in the crumpled box.  He laughed even a bit louder than the cat did as I just stood perplexedly staring.  

He wasn't really surprised, and asked, "Haven't you seen that youtube video about FedEx?"  

But yesterday, we got a little ray of sunshine.  A cute little intact package arrived, this time for Wolfgang:

No dings, no dents, no crumples.  I believe it's a raspberry pi.  Even well in time for pi day. Delivered via UPS.

I'm wondering if FedEx drivers are sabotageful UPS drivers in disguise?


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John Holton said...

Most of what we get from Amazon comes via UPS or USPS, but we usually have our stuff delivered with what they used to call "Super Saver shipping," where if you order a certain amount (I think it's $49 or above) they give you free shipping. I think, if you're paying for shipping, the least they can do is get it to you when they promise...

Abby said...

We have an amazon prime account, and they usually ship via UPS or USPS to us. I contacted customer service, and they immediately refunded the shipping charge for the book, plus tacked on a free month of amazon prime. Shout out to Amazon!

LL Cool Joe said...

I'd be well pissed off if any of my parcels arrived crushed. I sell quite a bit on ebay and I'm obsessed with wrapping anything I post as well as possible. Bubble wrap, card etc. I'm a bit neurotic about it actually. What if you'd been selling those shoes on, or they were a gift for someone? Even that last box looks a bit creased!

Abby said...

The outer box for those shoes seemed like it was once pretty durable. Makes me wonder what FedEx smashed it with.

ShadowRun300 said...

All I could think of while reading this is "What kinda shooz did she get?!" I've been thinkin' about a new pair, but haven't bit the bullet yet.
I recently shipped something via UPS that arrived broken. I'd love to blame them, but I have a feeling it was my lack of packing skills. I need Joey's expertise I think.

Jennifer said...

My son ordered a computer off Ebay. It didn't fair as well as your shoes.Our FedEx guy seems a tad rough and in a hurry. Glad it was just shoes and not something breakable.

Abby said...

I'm thinking I would love to receive a package from Joey, regardless of what's in it.
As for the shooz, I got some PureFlow 6's. I haven't gone too many miles in them yet - still in a bit of basset hound mode - but so far, so good!

Abby said...

Too bad about your son's computer! We've had problems with FedEx before - either they deliver stuff to us that's for someone else, or vice versa. I don't know if they're typically bad, or we've just had bad luck.

KatBouska said...

On the upside, it looks like I finally found a company that will hire my 9 year old son! He can handle a package about that nicely!

Abby said...

Good thinking!

Linda Hensley said...

Maybe they were just demonstrating the new shooz are extra durable? May you have many happy miles in them!