Sunday, February 26, 2017

tutin', shavin', laughin'

Another busy week is in the books.  Had some P.E.O., had some tutin', had some job huntin', but not too much of any one thing, so it's all good.  I've taken on more tutor students and have accepted that that's still my job for now...

Friday was also the culmination of the Bald 4 Bucks effort at Meego's school.  The event has really grown over the years.  This year, they'd counted $50,000 raised with still lots more coming in.  The goal was $75,000, and looks like they're going to make it!

Meego somehow made it into the local 5 o'clock newsreel.  That be him with half a shaved head...

I did get a "before" shot just before he left for school, and the "after" later that evening.


It's just nice to see a buncha kids organize such a thing and then also make the symbolic gesture of shaving their heads.  I especially admire all the girl students and women teachers- mostly ALL of them - who get shaved. The teachers come up with fun and creative ways to get students to donate to their tills.

So now Meego's head feels like a big round cat's tongue.

Speaking of which, the mystery stray cat?  Meego and I were both willing to give it a try, but Magnum was the party pooper logical voice of reason, noting the high likelihood of our current cat having a major cow with another cat moving in.  After all, the reason we got him was because he was evicted for beating up his previous housemate on a daily basis.

In movie news, we watched I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore.  OMG, what a ride!  It's funny, and violent, and hilarious, and dark, and romantic, and funny, and sad, and spooky, and hilarious!  How they managed to get all those things into a 93-minute movie, I don't know!  I wouldn't be surprised if drugs were involved.

Anyway, we really liked it.  It's streaming on Netflix now.  Not for everyone, I'm sure, but I gave it five stars.  Plus, Elijah Wood's character is adorable in this.  He's quirky and socially awkward - probably has Asperger's.  Like I said - adorable!

Your week in three words?  GO!


LL Cool Joe said...

So are you looking for a new job?

So how come you didn't get your head shaved as well? That I'd like to see. ;)

ShadowRun300 said...

Flu-ing, moving, GMing.
Meego looks great with a shaved head! You must be a proud mama. :)
I was guessing Napolion wouldn't do well with a new housemate. Wouldn't want the new kitty to end up like the gophers and rabbits....

Abby said...

I'm more "keeping my eyes open" for a new job. I finished the graduate program in December, and I'm ready to move on from tutoring to a dream job, whatever that would be. And if I ever shave my head, know that you'll see it here!

Abby said...

Boo on the flu-ing!
Meego was due for a haircut anyway, might as well go full buzz with 300 or so of his best friends.
And thanks for reminding me of what I might come home to if we got a second cat!