Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trump, a mountain fail, and mariachis

Meego went to a Halloween party last night.  Two kids were dressed as Donald Trump.  One won "best costume", the other was voted "worst costume".  It seems that even at teen Halloween parties, people either love or hate Donald Trump.

BUT it was all in good fun.  We got our mail-in ballots a little over a week ago.  Mine still sits unmarked.  I've read through my voter's guides and have my choices ready, just not quite willing to get out the Sharpie just yet.

This turned out to be a good productive week despite my Monday ditch day.  Maybe it was because of the Monday ditch day that I felt all energized, but either way, good stuff.  The weather here continues to be super nice, especially after all that wind left.  So yesterday, I was in need of another outdoor adventure.

Several years ago, Magnum and I made a failed attempt to hike to the summit of Blodgett Peak.  We had taken a weekday to go up while our then littlish kids were at school.  The trek started out nice enough, but quickly turned sharply upward, and the "trail" became just a bunch of slipper scree.  At some point, we realized that not only would we need to continue the struggle to the top, but we'd have to then get back down the same way.  All in time to get back before Meego got out of school.

We bailed.

I think the place left a negative mark in Magnum's brain since then.  He also marks that trek as the beginnings of his knee troubles, and we'd never been back.

So yesterday, when I said we should go to Blodgett Peak Open Space, he seemed a little less than enthused.  I reminded him that there was a nice large trail system there and we didn't have to climb the peak.  We could just hike for a while, nab some geocaches...  Off we went.

Great day for it!  I think even Magnum enjoyed it as long as he didn't think of that summit!

A large portion of the area was a victim of the Waldo Canyon fire of 2012.  As we hiked through, it was good to see the grasses and other groundcover returning, but those burnt out and blackened tree carcasses have quite a Halloween-ish look, even in daytime.

Despite it being a nice weather Saturday, it didn't feel crowded at all.  The area really is much more than just Blodgett Peak, with lots of different trail branches to explore.

There were a few other hikers and bikers, some with nice adventurous pooches, but this area is really more of an attraction for locals as it's off the tourist path.

We had much geocaching success too.  We looked for three and found them all.  They'd all been there since before the fire and survived.  That be the top of Blodgett Peak there in the background of this victory pic --->

Later on, I drove Meego to the party.  He and three friends went as a mariachi band.  I saw one of the Donald Trumps along with a nice assortment of characters.  No clowns.


LL Cool Joe said...

No clowns? But you said Donald Trump went to the party?

Blimey how do you find so many different places to go hiking??

Abby said...

I wondered how long until someone made a Trump/Clown comment. Not long at all!
Yes, we live among a lot of dirty places.

ShadowRun300 said...

Way to take advantage of this nice fall weather! Your pics are as awesome as usual, but seeing those trees makes me a little sad. The rest of the area seems to be recovering nicely though. So yay. :)
Love Meego and friends' costume idea!

Abby said...

Well, we could use some rain, but in the meantime, I'm going for it! The area is nicely restored - almost enough to forget about the fire until those tree ghosts.
One of the mariachi moms is a Spanish teacher with a boatload of sombreros. Handy for Halloween!

LL Cool Joe said...

Call me predictable. :D

Ramzu Zahini said...

If i ever dress for Halloween, i'd go as the evil science teacher.
i am living the dream after all, hahahahahaha!