Wednesday, August 3, 2016

wordless wednesday, but with words

I went "upstairs" this morning, Manitou Springs Incline style, since (1) I hadn't been there in a year, (2) I've nearly wrapped up all of my summer class assignments and felt due for a reward(?), and (3) I wanted to do a bit of a reconnaissance mission - but more on that later.

It was a typically clear Colorado morning when I started out, although a bit on the muggy side and already feeling the heat.  But really, we can't complain.

There was the usual variety of climbers, some social groups along with the soloists.  I'd say most were in their 20s, but there was a smattering of older peeps and mom types, and  a few wide-eyed tourist types.

The "trail" was in pretty good shape, but I did note some erosion since last year.  Still, I was too busy getting my butt kicked by all those railroad ties to worry about erosion.

I managed to make it up in decent time, even set a new PR by shaving a minute off my time from last year's trek, so I wasn't very sociable.  Of the people I passed, I did manage to gasp out a weary "*MORNING*", but about all I saw of them were their shoes.

I took a few photos from the top with my new cell phone.  It's not so good with the light and dark...

...looking into the sun.

A couple of people asked me to take their pic.  They were boy and girl around early 20s I'd say, but I got the sense that they were just friends and not with benefits.

As I took the photo, I had a bit of phone envy.  Bet their pics came out better than mine.

 As I was at the summit sweating profusely, this guy, about my age, emerged and commended me on my finish.  He asked if I was doing the Ascent in a couple of weeks (not!), and then talked training with me.

All the while, he was name-dropping local running stars, only one with which I am familiar.

We soon parted ways, and I have no idea who he was.  Hopefully he's not a local running star with whom he expected I'd be familiar.

In my previous Incline blog reports, I've rambled mainly about The Incline itself, but of course, what goes up must come down.  And while some jacka$$es do it, it's not cool to go down the Incline.  Good people of the world go down Barr Trail.  My phone cam did a little better job there.

Quite a nice morning it was.  Wish you were here!



  1. Thanks for warming it up! It looks beautiful. I wish I was there too. Your phone cam did it justice, at least from over here in the flatlands.
    I've dreamed about climbing Pikes Peak - just not running it. Is that a possibility? Have you ever done it?

    1. Dude, Pikes Peak is on my bucket list, just haven't organized the logistics yet. Put it on your list and we'll kick that bucket together!

    2. I may literally kick the bucket, but I'm game! Organize those logistics...

    3. Wish I could join you young chickadees!

    4. Me too, Anita Chickadee!

  2. Erm... whenever I see picture of people strolling / walking in some remote and wonderful place my mind instant popped "Wouldn't it be great for you to be there with someone you love?"
    I used to do a lot of walking alone.
    Ah the drawback for being a nasty dark lord...

    1. Careful, nasty dark lord. Your sensitive side is showing.

  3. Kudos for making the scouting trek up the Incline and beating last year's time. I imagine the next time you go, you could pull it off with a sub 30 time (unless you are leading a crew up). The trail looks to be in great shape but I would imagine that rebuilding it up might have taken some of it's charm/character. After reading/seeing all of your adventures on the Incline, it is definitely on my bucket list that I need to cross off one day (soon).

    1. I am more than happy to provide blog-friend bucket guides up the Incline!
      I felt like I was going relatively slow (and slowly dying), so I was pleasantly surprised to see the new PR. A sub-30 would be great, it could go on my tombstone.

    2. What's a good time for a sub-old-lady tourist?

    3. Around an hour or so would good for that particular category :).
      Kevin Bacon claims to have done it in 54 minutes. That's pretty good for a sub-old-man.