Friday, July 29, 2016

Mother Nature and Trump broke my phone

"The Donald" Trump is visiting our fair city.   In fact, I think he may still be talking as I type.  He's speaking at the university campus, which in itself, has stirred controversy.  Some students and faculty don't like that the university is hosting him.  The university says it is not backing any particular candidate and respects everyone's first amendment rights and regularly offers up venues for events (in exchange for cash money), particularly during the summer months.

I agree with the university's response to the hubbub, although the timing isn't so hot.  Lots of testing and final projects and stuff going on right now for summer students.  The campus is pretty inaccessible today, what with all the protesters for both sides and all the security.

A news team was on campus yesterday reporting on the upcoming Trump visit, and got some comments from a few students, one of whom was our Wolfgang,

which was really my main reason for mentioning Trump's visit.  I'm not political here, remember?  And no, Wolfgang doesn't have a weird soul patch.  I just made a screenshot from the news video, so that dark blob on his chin is the play button.

Wolfgang didn't say anything controversial, just said something like, "I was gonna come to campus to study on Friday, but everything's gonna be closed and there'll be security everywhere, so ... guess not"

I told him his hair looked good and that he must have a talented barber.

Not my hands, not my hail

In other news, last night we got a bludgeoning from Mother Nature.  Not "We" as in this particular household and property, but south and east of us took a walloping.  Look at the size of these hails.  And I know that's not proper grammar in referring to hail, but they're just so enormous, it seemed appropriate.

I understand hail is mainly in certain parts of the country.  We get lots of it.  If you live somewhere that doesn't get hail, know that it can really hurt and really damage property.  Kiss your flower garden good-bye.

This morning, I got a text from Chaco:
"Might have to open an insurance claim on the Civic... quite a few dents from hail"

Yeah, he lives south and east of us.

In other other news, something's up with my phone.  Here's a tidbit about me:  I don't like talking on the phone - possibly a subject for a later blog post - but just know that I don't like to. Sometimes it's necessary and useful, and in those situations, I appreciate phone talking, but  I don't seem to currently be able to.

My phone rings.  I answer.  The following conversation, or something similar, ensues.

Me:  hello?
Phone person:  hello?
Me:  hello?
Phone person:  hello?

Well, you get the gist.  It seems I am not being heard.  I'm tempted to go to the phone store right now and see what's what, but this just started  happening in the last 24 hours, so I don't want to go there and find out my phone works fine.

That's what's going on around here.  Don't call.



ShadowRun300 said...

Well look at Wolfgang, all clean cut and famous! Probably smart just to stay away from campus today, considering all the protestors and security.
Those hails are HUGE! Seems like you all get hit with hail quite often. Not so much here. Hope the Civic's not too beat up.
And sorry to hear about your phone. I could use a replacement, but I'm not willing to fork up the bucks for it yet. Then again, I can still hear and be heard.

LL Cool Joe said...

I thought Wolfgang had a little goatie thing going on there.
We got caught in a hail storm near the mexican border a few years back. It completely wrote off (bad English) the car. I couldn't believe the damage it caused.

Abby said...

They talked to Wolfgang for a while, which translated to about 5 seconds on the news. More than I ever got.
I saw Chaco's car. It's not too bad. He said a coworker had his windshield broken - not easy to do! And turns out my phone really had gone mysteriously mute. I've got a new one today, but I still don't much like talking on it.

Abby said...

We get a lot of hail where we live, but I've never seen it larger than an inch or so in diameter. East of us gets the big stuff that takes out cars. Sorry about yours!

Linda Hensley said...

I'm just glad Trump is out of Cleveland and not clogging up my traffic. I've never seen hail that big either. People get kind of excited by the unusualness of it around here, but it's mostly pebble sized and melts as quick as you pick it up. I'm guessing Wolfgang's excellent barber is you? :)

Abby said...

Trump can sure stir things up, traffic and otherwise. That hail storm did a lot of damage, the insurance companies are very busy. Chaco's car is in great shape compared to some others. And yes, I never intended to be the family barber for over 20 years, but "free" speaks, I guess.

Sparkling Red said...

Those hails are totally giant! :-)
I'm glad they never get that big in Toronto.

Ginny said...

Yours son looks just like you! I laughed at the title of your blog post by the way. And put me down in the "I don't like talking on the phone" column.

Abby said...

Well, I hope you didn't just jinx Toronto!

Abby said...

Aha, a fellow phone-talker-disliker! We could form a club with others and never call each other.

agg79 said...

Wolfgang cleans up well. Must have a really good stylist/barber. Too bad that the campus was locked down for his studies but I agree with you about how the university handled it. Universities need to be open forums for discussions/debates on both sides of the spectrum. In many other places, it is one opinion and if you do not agree, you'll burn in hell.

Some pretty decent hail there. We only get the occasional marble/pea sized versions but they still do a number on cars/trucks.

Sounds like your phone is possessed. Did you try checking the blue tooth setting? Sometimes, my phone will decide it doesn't want to connect to my blue tooth ear piece. It also decided on its own to connect to the sync system in my wife's car as I walked through the garage while I was talking to my brother. Technology will be the bane of us all. I miss the days of tin cans and string...

Abby said...

I was worried that I'd inadvertently turned off the mic to my phone, and I didn't want to show up at the store like some mom-who-doesn't-understand-technology. Thank goodness the phone really was done for! Wait...

Tee said...

Well, I tried to call you. Was going to be offended that you didn't answer, but I guess I can forgive you now. :-)

Abby said...

It was the phone, I swear!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Trump. That man is dangerous. I will not explain more.
Wolfgang hair does look good :) his barber must be phenomenal.
Those ice balls are huge! Momma Nature can kill people with hail like that.

Abby said...

Wolfgang's barber is truly exceptional... and way underpaid.