Friday, July 8, 2016

a little escape

I need a break from the news for a little mundane blogging... so greetings on this Friday.

To commence the mundanity, we did find something fun to do on the fourth since the Hu Hot Half didn't happen.  Chaco came over, and we all decided to hit the trails for an adventurous hike.  All of us except for Meego, that is.  He went to a neighborhood 4th of July barbecue thing in one of his friends' neighborhoods.

So the remaining four of us headed up to Cascade and traipsed around on a trail that is near the North Pole.  North Pole of Colorado, that is.  Who is aware that Colorado has a North Pole?  Extra points if you are.

But we did not go visit Santa, and instead hiked this lovely remote trail that Chaco had found a little while ago.  It's so remote, that there was a total of four little parking spaces in the trailhead  "parking lot".

It was a nice getaway for a couple of hours.  We didn't hike the whole thing since some scary storm clouds were looking down at us like big hungry raptors.  But we got a good ways in before deciding to wimp out and turn around.

Wolfgang had seen the new Tarzan movie ("not that good") just the night before and wouldn't let go of lower primate mode for this photo...

God forbid I should actually get a shot where everyone is congenial and smiling.

And here's a shot looking out to the east and the flatlands of The Flatlanders.

So a good way to spend the holiday and not lose any fingers in a fireworks mishap.

In other news, I'm tutoring the son of a friend of mine.  He attends a private school, and his math teacher up and resigned three weeks before the end of the school year.  I don't know what was up with that, but the students still have to finish  up the last few lessons and take a test before moving on in the fall.  So when my friend called, I agreed to tute him.  

I'd been kind of missing the tutoring since putting the biz on the back burner these last few months, so this is a nice little assignment.  My summer class involves a lot of writing, so I'm enjoying playing with numbers while helping out a friend (and making a bit of cash...).



  1. Looks like a great way to spend the fourth! Not sure why our families wouldn't want to be photographed and posted on the web for all to see, but mine's the same way. At least yours aren't covering their face with their hands. YOU look good anyway. :)
    How do you up and quit three weeks before the end of the school year? Things musta been rough for her. Glad he's got you to help him get through. Enjoy the numbers while you can, and spend your cash on something fun!

    1. I guess we'll just let the family be part of the scenery, in whatever form.

  2. Nice view! Much better than losing fingers to fireworks!

  3. Ok, I'm a wee bit embarrassed to admit, I've been to the North Pole in Colorado. Granted, it was a long, long, looooong time ago when my family took cross country road trip summer vacations (from New Jersey) to go camping in the mountains (think National Lampoon's Vacation) and I was a young pup. We did all of the regular tourist stops (Royal Gorge, Pikes Peak railway, Durango-Silverton train).

    Nice way to spend the 4th. Way cooler up there than down here in the swamplands. Can you see me waving to you from the flatlands?

    And, yes, I'm still alive and kicking down here...

    1. HEY! The long lost Agg!! I've been wondering about you, thanks for stopping by.
      I've actually never been to the North Pole Colorado. Now, I think I've missed that window. I have ridden the Durango-Silverton train as a young pup. Maybe we were on the same excursion :)

  4. Tutoring really can be fun. I've done some myself. That kid is lucky that you were available to step in to help.

    1. I'm surprised at the high demand for tutors - with all the free online stuff available. I guess there's something to be said for real-person-face-to-face.

  5. Climbing? Not for me thank you very much. I am not that fit.
    Once, I made some friend to PUSH me up a hill. And they did.
    I decided not to watch the new Tarzan movie when I saw how unrealistic the stampede of buffaloes(?) in the trailer.

    1. You must have fit friends!
      I don't think Tarzan is getting very good reviews, and the CGI I saw didn't look very good. Wolfgang said, "Tarzan didn't do very much".

  6. I'm having another day for a break from the news as you were doing when you wrote this post. Blogging works wonders. A hike is good too. Nice family shots; even with the lower primate thing. :)