Thursday, June 23, 2016

keeping up with the road-rash-ians

After record-setting heat on Tuesday, we've enjoyed nice cooling afternoon rains, and I had somehow managed to get home just minutes before today's storms. Clearly, the stars were aligned in my favor.

A while later, I heard Meego shuffling around the house, freshly home from work. His job is conveniently located within easy bicycling distance, and that's how he gets to and from. It's also nice in that, it's mostly uphill getting to work, and riding back at the end of the day is a calming, gentle, downhill jaunt. The route is a pleasant one that features a serene little duck pond park.

 Except today, it wasn't so serene for Meego.  I found him hunched and gingerly changing out of his wet and irregularly filthy clothes.

"I crashed", he reported.

Apparently, what I think of as "calming, gentle, downhill jaunt" that features a "serene little duck pond park" is more of a "speed ride with a curving obstacle course of water, birds, and trees" in Meego's world.

Normally, that would be okay, but Meego was coming home just after one rain storm had moved through and the skies were gearing up for round 2.   Remember how I blogged about Meego's new skilz after doing the Master Drive course?  Well, maybe he should have done a similar one for bicycling because

  1. the roads were all wet
  2. his bike had been sitting in the outdoor, uncovered bike rack during the rain storm, and
  3. his bike's exposed rims and brake shoes got thoroughly drenched in said rain storm

HAD he done a bicycle skills course, he might have remembered that wet bicycles don't have very good brakes.  Plus, his speedy tires aren't so grippy on wet cement (mixed with a nice coating of wet duck and goose poop...).  Turns out, though, that his skin is quite grippy!  Look at that - no brakes, wet surfaces, downhill, ducks, skin = the perfect recipe for road rash!

He's not too rashed up, just got a hip and a bit inside one elbow.  It's a smaller rendition of Wolfgang's epic road rash incident of nearly two years ago to the day.   Here's a reminder *blecch* of that epicness:

So, luckily for Meego, his is not nearly that bad.  Also, road rash treatment supplies were at the ready since we'd had to keep a hefty amount around for Wolfgang as he recovered.   Meego had a nice assortment of gauze - which had earned the name of "Wolfgang's Maxi-Pads".

After all, what are big brothers for if not to share their stash of maxi-pads?


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ShadowRun300 said...

I had to giggle at your title, but I knew what was coming. OUCH.
I remember very well how bad my road rash hurt, and it lasted for days! Poor Meego. :(

Morgan Cartwright said...

Ouch! I can't stop looking at the picture from last June.
Fast healing!

Abby said...

Isn't road rash a pain? Literally? Yours was quite nasty. Maybe there should be a reality show.

Abby said...

That was a particularly nasty case. He didn't even keep the clothes he was wearing and still has a battle scar to talk about. Luckily, Meego just got a little "reminder".

lotta joy said...

I'm glad you got a remembrance photo of Wolfgang.....not so glad I SAW it. At first I thought it was Meego and was relieved it's not. Wolfgang has youth and a gorgeous muscle. Kids heal. Poor old Meego now has a war story you're going to hear many, many times.

Abby said...

I'm not so glad I saw the remembrance photo either!

Sparkling Red said...

Holy moly, that's a serious injury! No wonder you wanted to document it for posterity. I have a big bruise on my leg from a vein treatment, but it's nothing compared to Wolfgang's raw steak forearm. Well, I'm glad I saw the photo - I don't feel as sorry for myself anymore. ;-)

Abby said...

Well, I'm glad it served that purpose for ya!

Unknown said...

Come to think of it, i never fell from my bike, self induced or not.
But when I was in primary school, i was the one who created a lot of bike related accidents for my friends.
i would suddenly took hold of the frames while they were cycling, and either push or pull them out of stability.
Yes, i was a jerk in school.

Abby said...

HaHa, and now you're a teacher! Your past probably helps your effectiveness in your present!