Saturday, August 1, 2015

grass time

Magnum and I had a day off yesterday. We got some errands taken care of and then tooled around the city on a little joyride.  Poor Bob, Magnum's bicycle.  I think he feels a bit neglected.

Wolfgang and Meego both ride their bikes to work, and I'm usually out with Alice or Bella on most days.  This leaves Bob alone regularly.  Aw, poor Bob.

It was a nice day for it.  We stopped at a downtown park to take advantage of the shade trees.

Magnum used the break to learn everything we ever wanted to know and more about Pickleball, which is popularly played at this park.

In fact, there were several perky pickleballers playing while we were there.  I can't remember a time I've been there when there were no pickleballers.

There is also a public swimming pool, basketball courts, playground, etc.  All were happily populated which is nice to see and something to amuse us as we sat among the trees.

There's Bob behind me with Bella.  Doesn't he just look so chipper?

In the meantime, our cat?  The evil killer?  He's been showing us his nurturing side, and it's a bit ridiculous.

Here he is, and I know what you're thinking:

That poor baby bunny!  He's gonna eat it!!

But no.  He goes and gets them, just from where we don't know, and carries them around like a momma with kittens.  He plays with them for a while, then off they hop.  He's tried to bring them into the house, all "Can we keep him?  Can we, can we, pleeeeeeez??"

Oh sheesh.


ShadowRun300 said...

Bob looks so happy! Poor guy. Stuck at home all the time.
I've never been good at tennis, and pickleball looks even harder! Bet it's fun to watch. From under a shade tree.
And that Napolion is a character! He obviously has a soft spot for baby rabbits. Is it the mamas he'll eat? Or the dads. Cuz I know I've seen pics of rabbit bones before....

terri said...

I've never heard of pickleball before. I don't think it's very popular in these parts, but I'll bet now that I know what it is, I'll notice it being played sometime. It looks like fun!

How strange that Napolion is displaying some parenting skills with the baby bunnies! I have to admit that I'm happy to see this side of him. So cute!

Abby said...

Ya never know - you could be a pickleball champ! And apparently, it's more fun than a barrel of vinegar?
I don't get Napolion's affection for baby bunnies when he regularly kills gophers and bigger rabbits even when he's not hungry. I think he's working for the magpies.

Abby said...

I never heard of pickleball before we moved here. In fact, the kids used to play in elementary school PE class, and it's real popular with some olderish folks around here.
I'm also pleasantly surprised at Napolion's nurturing skills, especially since he's president of the local cat fight club and killer of most things with fur or wings.

Riot Kitty said...

I still don't know what pickleball is. And I'm glad he is merely carrying the bunnies around!

Abby said...

Pickleball is sorta tennis for slow people :)
I don't think the cat hurts the bunnies, but they always look a bit humiliated.