Saturday, July 18, 2015

heads up

Chaco, Meego, and I are planning to take a little trip south to visit my dad later on and into tomorrow, so I thought I'd reflect on this past week and get in a little silver liningness now.

First of all, I was summoned for jury duty early in the week.  Oh, boo.  BUT, I called and was told I was on standby and to call again later.  Called again later and heard those lovely words:

"Your jury duty obligation has been fulfilled"

Whoopee, that was the easiest jury duty I've ever had.  I can remember being summoned three times in recent years, but have never served on a jury.  First time, we all got sent home after sitting around the courthouse for a couple of hours.  The last time, I was herded into a courtroom for jury seating.

They needed just one more juror for a trial dealing with drug possession with intent to sell (meth).  Three people ahead of me were questioned and excused.  They called me to the hot seat, and just as I sat down, the defense team asked to approach the bench.

Much whispering ensued, we went to recess.  When we returned, the judge told us that the defendant decided to change her plea to guilty and accept the judge's terms.  And I was all wondering, what?  What did I do?

Anyway, we were all then sent home, so my jury duties so far have been pretty painless.

On that note, how 'bout that James Holmes verdict?  I'm happy with it, and think he was crazy to think he would be found not guilty for being crazy.

In non-legal system updates, I made the Pedal Perks prize cut again.  They gave out shirts this time, here's mine.

It's very... green.

I do like the world-in-the-wheels thing.  And the fact that the shirt was essentially free.  Nice people, those Pedal Perkians.

Oh, and in other prize news, I got an email from the HuHots telling me I got a medal for being first old lady at the half on the fourth.  Hu knew they had medals for such things?

So I got that.  It was sitting on the counter, and Wolfgang walked in.

"Oh, is this your medal?", he said

"Yup", I said

*looks at it* "Oh yeah, you're 50 now", he remembered

"SHUDDUP", I lovingly responded...
Like I need a reminder.


Ginny said...

Congrats on your medal! I'm 31 and I have no doubt that I'd be eating your dust.

agg79 said...

Congrats on the old lady medal. Welcome to the club.
THAT is one of the few perks of getting older - beating out others when you move up a class.

Too bad about your jury duty. I am sure it would have been interesting. But, given you earlier experience, perhaps you ARE a bit intimidating when sitting in the jury box (Oh Hell No. No way I am having THAT lady on my jury!).

Abby said...

Thanks :). Hmmm... 31. I vaguely remember that age.

Abby said...

There was a 70 y.o. lady who made a great showing at the half. Something to shoot for!
That one jury thing did leave me with a strange feeling. I sit down, and it went all, "TIME OUT!!"

ShadowRun300 said...

In Wolfgang's defense, it's easy to forget you're 50. Look at ya! Running half marathons every other week, winning tons of running and biking prizes, intimidating criminals during jury duty.... :)
I've never been summonsed to jury duty, but always thought it might be interesting. Hoping it won't happen any time soon though.
Enjoy the trip to your dad's! How fun that a few of your boys are going too!

Abby said...

I'm sure I would find some aspects of jury duty interesting, but whenever I get a summons, it's accompanied by an audible groan. Magnum made it to questioning once. He started quoting the fourth amendment and was quickly booted. Darn Asperger people!

terri said...

My only jury duty experience went much like yours. I spent one day sitting around waiting, and then was told my obligation was complete. I wasn't complaining.

Love your new t-shirt. You must have quite a collection between your freebies and your race shirts!

Speaking of races, congrats on being the First Old Lady! What an honor!

Abby said...

I've heard of people not registering to vote JUST to avoid jury duty. No fair!

Riot Kitty said...

Just be happy that you have a medal, and parental authority ;)