Sunday, June 28, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Another Sunday is upon us.  So what's good about it?

Well, it was a good and busy week.  Everyone at this household seems to be settled into a productive summer.  I'll admit that I've grown weary of the increased housewenchery I'm being subjected to.  This will definitely end soon (the housewenchery, not the weariness).

deep in the jungle!
Magnum and I did make it out for some recreating on Friday - a bike ride that included lunch and a bit of geocaching.

We had to fight off deadly jungle critters to get to this highly camouflaged prize.

Okay, well it was hidden in the sticks pretty well, but not too many deadly critters attacked.  We did, however, meet a cute pooch who was out getting some exercise with his master.  Pooch was about 86.3% Basset Hound, but his face just wasn't quite big and droopy enough.

I asked his owner what the dog's mix was.

"Part Basset Hound, part asshole", he lovingly replied.

Really they were very friendly, you meet the nicest people while out sniffing around the woods.

And speaking of camouflage, we took a shopping trip out to Bass Pro yesterday.  Meego and I weren't interested in anything in particular, just tagging along with Magnum and Wolfgang.  So we eventually headed outside where he and I logged another cache - I swear, those things are everywhere!

In so doing, we discovered that there is a free car show every Saturday afternoon in the Bass Pro parking lot,

I owe Meego $5 for misidentifying the cars on the far left and far right

which provided additional entertainment as well as another set of nice people met while geocaching.  I'll admit that my automobile recognition skills were pretty mediocre.  

In closing, I'll add that my gay friends are all very happy.  And I'm very happy for them.  I have had my fill of rainbow imagery for a while, however...



LL Cool Joe said...

You've just reminded me that we missed the car show last night. I'm in the States. Why I'm in Az in June with the temps at 110 I have no idea, it seemed like a good idea when I was in England in the rain.

No signs of rainbows here, just lots of Red White & Blue in preparation for the 4th of July, when I won't be here.

lotta joy said...

Tonight I asked Joe to water the flowers, and that's about all the work I'm going to do for one day.

Abby said...

OH, you should stick around for another week to celebrate! Just don't say where you're from... ;)

Abby said...

You're my idol.

Rock Chef said...

Really disappointed by the Bass Pro link - expected lots of nice bass guitars!

Bassets are very stubborn, so the reply is probably spot on!

Abby said...

HA! Sorry, I lol'ed at you checking the link looking for a gee-tar.

Riot Kitty said...

I dunno, I'm still rooting for the relentlessly gay roof!

Abby said...

Ah, well, yeah. I probably have room for that!

terri said...

We have a Cabela's in our neighborhood. I'm equally as interested in shopping there as you are in hanging around Bass Pro Shops. But my boys love it.

The car show sounds fun anyway, even if you did lose some money at it.

Abby said...

Yeah, we've got a Cabela's up the road. Been there, done that too. I was glad for the car show.