Thursday, January 1, 2015

sliding into 2015!

We've made it to the start of yet another year. Welcome to the other side!  It came in here a bit appropriately like a lion.

After eating the biggest crab legs I've ever cooked - really, there was initial concern that we didn't have a vessel big enough to steam them! - we played cards until the witching hour.  For the Midnight Mile, Chaco was coming down with the crud, Magnum was battling the crud, and Wolfgang has just gotten over the crud, so went a-partying.  That left Meego and me as the sole milers, but Magnum and Chaco joined us in the arctic as our official recorders/photographers.

And it wasn't bad.  10 degrees when we headed out into the land of fireworks and snow, no wind to speak of.  A few slippery spots, but a good time, good time.

This morning, I woke up to sunny skies for another New Year's Day Rescue Run 10k.

The sunny skies didn't stick around, however, and we were soon under a thick cloud blanket.  Oh well!  It's New Year's day!  Let's be real!

As always, it was a good time at Palmer Park.  The course is very hilly and somewhat rugged.  I assessed my lot of running shoes and realized I have nothing remotely resembling trail shoes.  I put on my bald Brooks and headed out.

After about the first mile in, the snow started falling.  It was actually nice and gave the run a very festive feel, especially out there in the boonies on New Year's day.  It seemed the perfect way to spend the holiday morning!  Until we all had to drive home.  Yeesh, that was more challenging than the freaking race!

As expected, there was ice and snow to deal with.  One stretch of about a mile or so was particularly annoying, but I baby-stepped through so as to not necessitate an actual rescue during the Rescue Run.

My stats:
Time of 50:14 - my slowest ever on that course.
10th place overall for the ladies
1st place for the old ladies

So my time wasn't that great because of the ice and crap, but everyone else had to run through the ice and crap, so I'm happy with the overall standings.  Most of all, though, it's a fun race on New Year's day for a good cause.

And I'm liking this year's shirt.  See?

Here's my first place old lady medal.  Yep, pure solid gold...

I also won a coupon for a pizza and a couple of 3-day passes at 24-hour fitness.  That place is probably pretty quiet this time of year *sarcasm*.

Happy New Year!



Guano said...

Hey Man, I TOLD ya turning the big Five-Oh was gonna improve your stats, big time!
Way to ring in that New Year!

Abby said...

Can't stop the sands of time, might as well just fall with 'em!

Riot Kitty said...

Ice! Ye gods. You deserve more than one medal.

terri said...

Good for you and Meego, carrying on the Midnight Mile tradition in spite of the poor attendance! Hope the others are feeling better soon.

And congrats on your Rescue Run finish. Nice work and I love the shirt!

Yep, I'm dreading the gym over the next four weeks. It's always more crowded in January and I get cranky when "my" usual treadmills are taken by someone else, but by February, things usually get back to normal! :-)

Abby said...

Ice. Like I need another excuse to buy shooz.

Abby said...

Right? Our midnight mile was nearly "The Walking Dead" mile.
And I haven't been to a gym in years, but as I recall, the resolution rush lasts about two weeks.

ShadowRun300 said...

Happy New Year! Most of my family celebrated with the crud as well. I've been lucky so far. **knock on wood**
I ran outside this morning in 30 degree temps, and slipped and slided through much of it. At one point I felt like I was running up a down escalator. I thought I'd never get there. But I managed to stay upright! Success!
Love your shirt! And congrats on being the fastest of the old ladies. 10th overall isn't too shabby either! Your bald Brooks did you well.

Abby said...

I think it's BECAUSE we (stupidly) run outside through the winter that we don't get the crud **knock on wood**

agg79 said...

Congrats on another year for the Midnight miler. A great tradition to celebrate the start of a new year! And to knock out a 10k New Year's Day run the day after. We have similar runs down here, just not as cold or slippery. Nice shirt. Not a bad time for an "old" lady. Beats my time by a couple of hours.