Saturday, December 13, 2014


Magnum and I watched Prometheus last night.

Let me just say that I really liked the original Alien movie.  Thought it was extremely well done and deserves to be the classic that it is. And I say that, although I first watched it when I was, what?  Like fourteen years old? But I've also seen it as an adult and stand with my impression.

Prometheus, the prequel, is directed by Ridley Scott who also directed Alien as well as some other great films.  Should be good, right?

I dunno, maybe my expectations were too high.  I will say that it was not boring.  It's just that so much of it made so little sense.  Once I suspended all logic, I was able to enjoy it well enough.  But, a few nagging thoughts remain, so I will spew a bit.  In bullets (some spoilers):

  • This team of hotshot, handpicked scientists assemble for an epic mission to the outer reaches of space, yet... most of them don't even know what the mission is until AFTER they've done all that travelling and hypersleeping?  
  • Almost instantly upon their arrival to their destination, the lead scientist looks out the window to the planet - apparently approximately the same size as earth, since things seem to weigh about the same there - and conveniently spots the ONE creature-built structure!  "There!  Land over there!"
  • The team predictably goes out exploring the structure with seemingly no plan or specifically designated responsibilities for individual team members.  
  • The geologist who maps the structure promptly gets lost.
  • The biologist wants no part of studying the alien corpses.
  • The biologist takes no precautions when encountering an alien snakelike thing and is predictably killed by said alien snakelike thing.
  • It's the year 2093, and the high-falutin' medical pod thing doesn't "do" gynecology?

And one other thing that bothers me, but has to do with production and casting, not plot, is

  • There's this old guy in the movie.  He's played by a young actor (Guy Pierce) who is poorly made-up to look like an old guy.  Yet, the character remains an old guy.  Why didn't they just cast an actual old guy in the role rather than cast a young guy and make him into a poorly made-up old guy?  WHY?!
Charlize Theron seemed unnecessary (and should have been coached on proper push-up form), but did okay with what she was given, which wasn't much.  Idris Elba was good in his role, but I wish his role had also been bigger.

There were a few other bothersome things, but that's enough.  The CGI is good, there are action and suspense (once you suspend all logic).  I never felt like sleeping or reaching for my tablet to check facebook...

And I will say that I found the DIY, alien baby C-section scene extremely entertaining!  By that point in the movie, I was already watching with a smirked face, and that scene nearly - pun intended - had me busting a gut!  Seriously!  I kinda don't think that was the intended reaction, but that scene made the movie for me, if only for its ridiculous amusement factor.

Have you seen Prometheus?  Whadja think?



  1. YEs, I saw it a few years back. Didn't read as much into it as the blogosphere had. In my feeble mind, it was kind of a prequel to Alien with some sort of genetic/biblical rationale. I did not see it as epic saga as some blogs have surmised and did not see the underlying meaning/transition of what each death meant. I just was into a Noomi Rapace (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) thing at the time. Interesting plot line, character development. Prometheus 2 should be an interesting follow up.

    1. Noomi Rapace was SO good in GWTDT! It's strange for me to see her in anything else - I miss the hair, the eyeliner, the tattoo...
      I never read much about Prometheus from the blogosphere, but I did have high expectations from Ridley Scott. And yes, biblical/spiritual themes were suggested, but like other aspects of the movie, undeveloped IMHO. I think the whole father/daughter thing was supposed to be some big reveal that also fell flat. I'm not sorry I watched it, and I'm up for a P2.

  2. I saw it in theater, so I'm not sure I remember it correctly, but I do remember being rather disappointed. If I remember correctly the character played by Guy Pearcing-cheekbones was an android, I think the makeup was to that effect, and not old. I do like the panspermia idea of planet population though.

    1. Yeah, Michael Fassbender played the android, who did his own unexplained shenanigans. Guy Piercing cheekbones (ha!) played the old guy that funded the expedition. I thought maybe the aliens were going to able to reverse aging or such, which would explain casting a young guy as an old guy - to be changed into a young guy. But NOPE, he remained an old guy.... WHY?!

    2. Oh, I see that it was Fassbender now. Odd that I missed that. I don't even remember Pierce's character. I'm not sure it's worth a rewatch...

  3. My God, that woman looks as if she about to be tortured! What's that green strip of light on her belly? She doesn't even look pregnant. I don't think I'll be seeing this movie, thank to your review, but I'll look out for clips on You Tube.

    1. It was great scene. I started laughing and could not stop! She was definitely preggars - bleccchh!

  4. I haven't seen it, and it's probably not one I'd typically choose to see. But based on your critique, I'd probably see it just to watch for all of the stuff you've pointed out!

  5. Nope, haven't seen it. And probably won't either. Not my cup of tea. But your critique was entertaining just the same. We've been watching more and more movies on Netflix, so keep the reviews comin'.

  6. Haven't seen it...and you had me at "The biologist wants no part of studying the alien corpses."