Wednesday, September 24, 2014

future queen

Bless me, blog.  It's been six days since my last bee sting.

Okay, I really don't want to beat this dead bee to death, but this bee sting business has been on my mind lately.  At least I can say that the frontal gelatinous pudge has nicely abated.  There is still some lingering frontal pudge, but I think I must now accept the fact that it's not from the bee venom.

From ShadowRun's reminder, I decided to check to see if there were any positive aspects to being bee stung.  While the evidence is inconclusive if it helps pain of arthritis and symptoms of MS, it does seem that be venom is good for something.  It's good for making people less sensitive to bee venom!  Yay, so, each time I get stung, it's like getting a booster shot to make me less sensitive!

Judging from the latest gelatinous pudge, and my weekend spent mostly hugging an ice pack, we're not quite there yet.  I need more inoculation.

But at least I'm not dreading further stings.  I feel like I actually welcome them now.  Maybe I'm just getting loopy from it all, a strange addiction forming?  I happily ride along now, sending my message of love to the trail bees:

"BITE ME!"  (okay, I know they sting instead of bite, but that phrase has a nice ring).

Plus, in my extensive research - about 10 minutes of googling - I learned that Kate Middleton and Gwyneth Paltrow use the bee juice to make them purdy.

hell to the no

Maybe it's my calling.  "Princess of the Bees" or something.  Although, "Lord of the Flies" seems more fitting, and that wasn't nice at all. 



lotta joy said...

Quite by accident, my mom sat on a bee and got stung. A few days later she realized her arthritic hip wasn't hurting. So she got another bee and used tweezers to put it where her arthritis was hurting. Dammit if it didn't work!! She was pain free afterward. Maybe you got stung by a wasp? Did you SEE it? ow ow ow

Abby said...

Y'know, there are some interesting stories out there, and people who swear by this "apitherapy". Who am I to say?

And no, come to think of it. I never really saw any of these little culprits. The drive-bys just happened so fast. I'm just assuming they were bees - something with a stinger anyway.

Anonymous said...

Six days? You must be having withdrawals by now.
It makes sense that you would be building immunities. But for what? I'd be scared to find out!

Abby said...

Yes, I need to find a 12-step program for this. I was hoping I would get some cool superpowers, like what Peter Parker got from that spider. Bees are good at slogging away for the good of the hive, and then they die... maybe it's working!

Riot Kitty said...

The bee juice? Are they nuts? Never mind...and to think, you got it for free!

Abby said...

I know! Aren't I the lucky one!

lotta joy said...

Okay. At least we're narrowing it down....uh....honey bees do hang around for a second since they have to...uh...pull their stinger out of their butt before they drop dead.

agg79 said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how you would milk a bee for their "juice". Not something I see people lining up for but, then again, given some of Hollywood's weird fads, I guess we've seen worse. Still, getting stung on purpose seems to bee crazy...