Saturday, July 12, 2014

Oh my gush!

I was sitting here, ready to do some Illustration Friday action, but the prompt hasn't been updated!  I'm paralyzed with anticipation!

Well, okay.  Maybe nothing that dramatic.  But every time I go over to check for a new prompt, it still lists "Fragile" from last week.  So Wolfgang was over there doing a cool Batman with his new art toys, and I was here paralyzed when...


In came another summer storm.  But what a storm it was!  China, of course, was her typical basket case self with the thunder.  But this time, even tough guy Napolion joined in.  Literally:

He spotted a safe bunker - a.k.a. our laundry basket - and dove for safety.  Couldn't pry him out with a crowbar.

Eventually the thunder was drowned out by the sound of a crazy hail storm.  Strangely, China was totally chill with that, even though it sounded like we were being bombarded with machine gun fire.  This went on for about 2 hours, which is excessive for us.  Thank goodness.

Eventually, things calmed down.  I went out among the shredded trees to inspect our two vehicles that we have parked on the side of the house.  No hail damage to either, but what's wrong with this picture?

Ugh, the windows are all rolled down to let fresh air - and gallons of rain - in.  Oh well, it'll dry.

That white car in front is my parents' car.  Neither my mom nor my dad can safely drive anymore, so we have the car.  It's a good little car, 2000 Toyota Echo.

I did this sketch of my dad from an old blurry photo while waiting for Illustration Friday to tell me what to draw. 

He turns 90 tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering whose white car that was. Sorry it's all wet, but at least there was no hail damage. As I recall, last year (?), you asked us all to do a hail dance so you could get a new roof. Maybe it takes this long for the dance to take effect.
Musta been some storm to make a basket case out of Napolion. Then again, he didn't like the fireworks either. Maybe not so tough after all.... (don't tell him I said so)
Love the picture of your dad. I see some of his characteristics in your boys. 90?! That's terrific! Happy Birthday to him!

Abby said...

I was actually worried about our relatively new roof. We can stop with the hail dancing! It was quite the storm, so Napolion shouldn't feel too bad about showing his not-so-macho side. He just better hope he doesn't end up in the washing machine.

Linda Hensley said...

Happy birthday to your handsome dad! 2 hours of hail? Yeeks! I'd hide in the basket too.

Riot Kitty said...

You can park your car here this week. It's supposed to be in the high 90s again.

That is a great pic of your dad!

terri said...

Mother nature can be a fascinating and scary force, can't she? Poor China and Napolion. I know how hard it can be for the furry kids to endure those scary storms.

Sorry to hear that the car windows were down throughout the storms. I hope things have dried out by now.

agg79 said...

Yea, dogs and cats are not fond of thunderstorms (or fireworks for that matter). I've found Claire curled up in one of our laundry baskets after a particularly loud storm. Neat trick when you consider she weighs in at around 95 lbs and pretty much fills up the basket.