Wednesday, June 11, 2014

while the gettin's good

In the parking lot...

"Sh*t, did you bring sunscreen?"

"Oh.  No."

"I always forget to bring the f&%*ing sunscreen"

"*GASP*  Don't forget the water.  Last time, I forgot water and I got halfway up and was like, 'Omigawd!'"

"Yeah, I remember that.  I thought you were going to pass out".

"SHHhhh!  Don't say that!! This is Cheryl's first time!"


Two years ago and beyond, I thought The Incline was silly.  Then last year, I let the universe talk me into doing it.  Now, this morning, I found myself on it again for the second time in as many weeks.

I posted a pic on facebook after Chaco and Wolfgang and I were there a coupla weeks ago.  One of my friends was all,

"What!?  I thought it was closed!"

And so I was all, "It's closing in August (for repairs after last year's floods), so better get you some now!"

So she was all, "Thank goodness, I can do it this summer!"  (She's a teacher)

Then a few days ago, she put out a call on facebook, "Anyone wanna do the Incline with me Wednesday morning?", and some people were all,

"NO way!"

"Can't get a babysitter"

"Eww, gross (her sister)"

I don't have any tutees scheduled today.  Weather looked good, so I said, "Hey, I'll go".

I'm starting to become one of these Incline fanatics, it seems.  But really, it is going to close in August for repairs and general cleanup, so might as well pack 'em in.

And as always, it was a good time.  We planned to meet at the base at 7 a.m., but she called and said she was running late and showed up closer to 7:30.  So I chatted with a few others waiting for their climbing partners too.

"First time I did this, I had only been in Colorado for two days.  I felt awful, but stopping only made me feel worse..."

"This time, I'm going to make it to the top.  Last time I had to bail out and it's bothered me ever since!"

"Back when I was younger, I could do it in under thirty"

My friend's dad also joined us.  I'd never met him before and he's quite a character, but a pretty fit late 50s.  He kept saying things to the other hikers like, "here let me stick an ice pick in your achilles!" and my friend would have to reign him in while I'd be explaining that I only just met the guy.

She'd warned me she was "slow", but I said I didn't care about speed, just happy to hang out on the Incline with her.  It took us about an hour and 15 minutes of slow and steady.  And it was HOT.

One guy near the top didn't look so good.  He was young, like college aged, really struggling with each step, and I was a bit worried for him.  This is actually a common scene, and those people are usually with someone, as this guy was.

But I was worried that he'd try to be all macho and not want to slow down his friend.  In the end, he gratefully finished and the two of them did the customary selfies at the top.

So, good times.  There are some concerns about the repair work - that it will make the Incline less rugged, yet that's what people like about it.  I share that concern.  I hope to get in at least one more climb before August, maybe a "real" one to see how fast I can do it.

But today, no clocks.



LL Cool Joe said...

Wow what an amazing view. I would hate to do anything sport wise with you. My lack of fitness would drive you insane!

agg79 said...

Awesome view. Pretty cool that you did it again in such a short time. You are definitely an incliner now. Any bragging rights for how many you have done?

If you keep this up, you could become the unofficial tour guide.

Abby said...

But I bet you would look marvelous doing it!

Abby said...

There are some addicts who do it very regularly, so my "3 times" is just spit in the ocean!

Anonymous said...

Well look at you! By the time you go up "for real", you'll blow away the competition... put them young college kids in their place!
I'd like to say I'd be there by August to race to the top before the renovations begin, but it's likely I won't. Guess I'll be going up the less rugged and cleaned up version of the incline. Which is okay by me.

Rock Chef said...

You really seem to be hooked on that walk - must say I think it looks great - do people walk dogs up there?

Abby said...

They're threatening to remove the trash heap! Nooooo!!

Abby said...

Yes! I've met some very nice dogs there!
It is fun, but I know of people who do it once a week or more, and I think that would get old.

Rock Chef said...

I can imagine dogs having a great time - lots of wildlife to provide interesting sniffs.

Yeah, don't think I would go up that often....

Riot Kitty said...

I'm such a schmuck. I tend to think of the wilderness as a place you see in between cities.

terri said...

I'm extra impressed by your ability to tackle this incline, particularly because my coworker who lives out there, and is a runner, was here this week and telling me how much easier it is to run here because of the difference in elevation. I would be the person on the incline you'd be worried about, I'm afraid.

Congrats on conquering the incline... AGAIN!