Sunday, June 1, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy first day of June!  And a lovely day it is.  I went out to go for about an hour-long bike ride this morning, but it was so darn nice, I just kept going.  A weak sense of responsibility made me eventually turn around.  That and hunger

Plus, while I was riding along the path, I saw some chalking indicating a race of sorts.  "Doggie Dash".  I also passed a couple of, what looked like race volunteers setting up water stations.  I figured I should probably get off the path soon or be swarmed by a bunch of pooches-and-their-humans traffic.  After I got home, I looked it up.  Sure enough, the first annual Doggie Dash 5K, proceeds going to All Breed Rescue.

Just goes to show how there's always some charity run going on this time of year.

This was another nice week, the weather has really been good to us.  Got in some Incline adventure on a beautiful morning.  See the summit in the pic?  It's not the summit, but "lovingly" known as the false summit.  Just when you think you're done...

I'm thankful that Chaco's injury wasn't too bad.  He was back able to drive yesterday.

And Meego still has two more days of school!  I almost forget that he's still at the grindstone, but he's managing.  And it's not like he doesn't get in some fun time.

I took this covert photo this morning of this little neighbor kid.  He's just so cute, I can't stand it!  He's the little brother of one of Meego's friends and just sort of pals around with the crew - watching them play basketball or video games.

They better be good role models!  The kids are watching.

Happy June!  This has traditionally been a nasty fire month for us, I've got my fingers crossed for this year! 


Marcy said...

We had a gorgeous day here in CT today, too. I played some tennis--yay! Hate those false summits!

Anonymous said...

Happy June to you too! I did a similar thing on the last day of May. The morning was so nice I ended up running a couple miles longer than I intended. Love that!
And that little boy! Too cute! Nothing warms my heart more than watching little boys idolize the older ones. If they're Meego's friends, I'm sure they're being great role models!
I hope June proves to be a much wetter month for you than last June. You deserve to have a "normal" summer. Not too much rain. Not too little rain. Just enough rain. I got my fingers crossed!

agg79 said...

Happy June to you as well! Glad to hear that Chaco's injury is not one to hold him back from future climbs.

Also glad to hear that the weather is cooperating with your morning ride. Hard not to keep going when the weather/conditions are so perfect. The Doggie Dash sounds like something right up my ally. I am a sucker for those kind of gigs. I am sure my two mutts would totally enjoy themselves.

Rock Chef said...

Yep, I think your kids are good role models - about the worst they will introduce the kid to is LAN parties!

Abby said...

YAY for tennis weather! Boo for false summits!

Abby said...

It seems like the schools just had a snowday and then *poof*, it's nice! I'll take it.

Abby said...

I bet the Doggie Dash was fun. I noticed that the turn-around water station I passed had dog dishes of snacks and water for the furry athletes. You and the mutts would fit right in!

Abby said...

*sigh* LAN parites... where did we go wrong?

Riot Kitty said...

I am crossing my fingers for you during fire season, too.